Issue 1

Volume 57, March 1991

  • article

    • A simple radiographic view to demonstrate glenohumeral dislocation.

      M A Kadic, W R Obermann, A M Burgers, and P M Rozing.


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    • Acquired contracture of the infraspinatus muscle. A case report and review of the literature.

      E Van Holsbeeck, J De Rijcke, M Martens, J Verstreken, G Declercq, and G Fabry.


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    • Enthesopathy of the tuberositas radii. A diagnostic problem.

      D Van Linthoudt, O Vernet, A Pazera, and H Ott.


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    • Dynamic assessment of anterior cruciate ligament using an electronic force plate.

      T K Bagga, R Vaishya, and D C Jaffray.


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    • Nonunion of an osteochondroma.

      R Vaishya, C S Mudgal, and L Klenerman.


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    • Posteriormedial dislocation of the talus. A case report and review of the literature.

      A M Hidalgo Ovejero, S Garcia Mata, J Heras Izaguirre, and M Martinez Grande.



    • Peg fracture in a Tricon P tibial component.

      H U Cameron.


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    • Three cancellous bone screws versus a screw-angle plate in the treatment of Garden I and II fractures of the femoral neck.

      H Kuokkanen, O Korkala, I Antti-Poika, J Tolonen, M Y Lehtimäki, and T Silvennoinen.


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    • Treatment of severe kyphosis in myelomeningocele by segmental spinal instrumentation with Luque rods.

      M A Kadic, and A J Verbout.


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    • [Spinal and spinal cord injuries. Therapeutic approach in Gabon]

      P M Loembe, D Bouger, L Dukuly, and M Ndong-Launay.


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    • Shoulder impingement syndrome.

      E Van Holsbeeck, G Declercq, J Derijcke, M Martens, J Verstreken, and G Fabry.


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    • Combined prophylactic effect of ultraclean air and cefuroxime for reducing infection in prosthetic surgery.

      L Klenerman, D Seal, and K Sullens.


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    • [The use of Partridge plates in the treatment of femoral diaphysis fractures near a prosthesis in elderly patients]

      S Kallel, and R Bouillet.


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    • An overview of implant materials.

      J P Simon, and G Fabry.


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