Issue 2

Volume 57, June 1991

  • article

    • Bilateral intradeltoid ossification: a cause of glenohumeral abduction contracture.

      J Mylle, P McCombe, and C Weatherley.


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    • Heterotopic ossification following total hip arthroplasty: a review.

      H P Hu, T J Slooff, and J R van Horn.


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    • Intracompartmental pressure in the lower extremity after arthroscopic surgery.

      J Jerosch, W H Castro, and B Geske.


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    • [Acute hematogenous osteomyelitis due to ordinary germs in children with closed injuries. Study of a series of 44 cases]

      E Manche, V Rombouts-Godin, and J J Rombouts.


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    • [Congenital pseudarthrosis of the clavicle. Apropos of a case report and literature review]

      J LeGaye, H Noel, and W Lokietek.


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    • Proximal tibio-fibular synostosis. A rare congenital anomaly.

      K J O'Dwyer.


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    • [Fracture-avulsion of the anterior tibial tuberosity in adolescents]

      J Legaye, and W Lokietek.


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    • Intermittent priapism in spinal stenosis.

      A M Hidalgo Ovejero, S Garcia Mata, M A Sauras Herranz, E Maravi Petri, and M Martinez Grande.


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    • [Essential bone cysts of the calcaneum. Apropos of a case]

      A Roeland, J Magotteaux, and F Vandepaer.


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    • Reconstruction of the metacarpophalangeal joint with a free vascularized metatarsal head.

      L De Smet, and J P Moermans.


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    • Treatment options for basicervical fractures of the femoral neck. A clinical follow-up.

      H O Kuokkanen.


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    • Cartilage changes in rats induced by papain and the influence of treatment with N-acetylglucosamine.

      J Grevenstein, I Michiels, M Arens-Corell, and E Stofft.


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    • Arthroscopy wounds: to suture or not to suture.

      N Maffulli, E Pintore, and F Petricciuolo.


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    • [Stable elastic nailing applied to diaphyseal fractures of the forearm in children]

      D Toussaint, C Vanderlinden, and J Bremen.


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    • Patellar wear patients in total knee replacements.

      H U Cameron.


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    • A radiographical and biomechanical study of demineralized bone matrix implanted into a bone defect of rat femurs with and without bone marrow.

      M Gebhart, and J Lane.


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    • The incidence of rotator cuff rupture. An anatomic study.

      J Jerosch, T Müller, and W H Castro.


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    • [Considerations concerning the treatment of pseudarthrosis of the humerus]

      J M Beguin, P Plenevaux, and G Poilvache.


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    • Girdlestone's pseudarthrosis after removal of a total hip prosthesis; a retrospective study of 40 patients.

      E A de Laat, J J van der List, J R van Horn, and T J Slooff.


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    • Electrically-induced osteogenesis in external fixation treatment.

      A Ceballos, O Pereda, R Ortega, and R Balmaseda.


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