Issue 4

Volume 59, December 1993

  • article

    • Surgical treatment of acute biceps tendon ruptures with a suture anchor.

      E Verhaven, J Huylebroek, W Van Nieuwenhuysen, and J Van Overschelde.


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    • Myxoma causing paralysis of the posterior interosseous nerve.

      A Valer, L Carrera, and G Ramirez.


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    • Anterior fracture-dislocation of the hip.

      P Zamora-Navas, F Collado Torres, J Rosón Méndez-Trelles, and J Carpio Elías.


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    • Clostridium septicum gangrene complicating a closed femoral fracture.

      T Mulier, M Morgan, and G Fabry.


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    • Os trigonum and soleus tertius anomaly.

      J Bellemans, P A Reynders-Frederix, D Stoffelen, P L Broos, and G Fabry.


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    • Patellar metastasis from a large bowel adenocarcinoma.

      P Urvoy, H Mestdagh, E Butin, M Lecomte-Houcke, and C Maynou.


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    • Isolated fracture of the capitate with a volar dislocated fragment.

      J Guiral, A Gracia, and J M Diaz-Otero.


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    • Arteriovenous fistula with venous aneurysm as a complication of the trapeziometacarpal arthrodesis.

      J Guiral, M Ortega, and J Manzanares.


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    • Accessory soleus muscle.

      J Vanek, and D Fourré.


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    • An unusual kind of fracture.

      A J Arenas, and T Pampliega.


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    • Bilateral fracture of the tibial spine.

      J W Andersen, and S Mejdahl.


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    • [Bone infections due to Aeromonas hydrophila--apropos of 2 case reports]

      G Pietu, J Letenneur, and D Schwoerer.


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    • Treatment of tibial shaft fractures by interlocking nailing.

      A Harth, J Moerman, W De Groote, B Vandekerckhove, R Verbeke, R Verdonk, and H Claessens.


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    • Gymnast wrist.

      L De Smet, A Claessens, and G Fabry.


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    • Lumbar disc herniation in eight siblings with a positive family history for disc disease.

      R Scapinelli.


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    • Operative treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.

      S Waegeneers, P Haentjens, and P Wylock.


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    • [Arthroscopic acromioplasty. Medium results after more than a year]

      J P Goguin, J C Lokietek, P Cambier, P Decloedt, P Kinzinger, J Leflot, and J Twahirwa.


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    • Metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal flexion of the thumb: influence of sex and age, relation to ligamentous injury.

      L De Smet, M Urlus, A Spriet, and G Fabry.


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    • [Arthrolysis of the elbow--apropos of 70 cases]

      A Lamine, T Fikry, B Essadki, and B Zryouil.


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    • [Treatment of tissue defects of the posterior aspect of the elbow]

      B Coessens, J Van Geertruyden, J Vadoud-Seyedi, and P Vico.


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    • Mechanical failure of hydroxyapatite-coated titanium and cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy implants. An animal study.

      L Nimb, K Gotfredsen, and J Steen Jensen.


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    • [Malignant transformation of chronic osteomyelitis and its scar tissue: apropos of 3 cases]

      M Gebhart, L Fabeck, and C Müller.


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    • The role of instrumental diagnostic methods in the staging of Sudeck's disease.

      F Greco, L De Palma, N Specchia, M Mannarini, and A Gigante.


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