Issue 2

Volume 60, June 1994

  • article

    • Migration of a Kirschner wire from the shoulder region.

      A Combalía-Aleu, and S García.



    • Aseptic tenosynovitis of the flexor sheath due to a retained wooden splinter.

      L De Smet, and G Fabry.



    • Retracted flexor digitorum profundus tendon: an uncommon cause of carpal tunnel compression syndrome.

      J Vral, K D'Hoore, L De Smet, and G Fabry.


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    • Traumatic axial dislocation of the scaphotrapezio-trapezoidal joint: an unusual injury and its management.

      Y Devlies, J Haverans, and L De Smet.


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    • Tuberculosis of the ischium.

      S García, J M Segur, and A Combalía.


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    • Tibial tuberosity avulsion associated with patellar tendon avulsion.

      D Goodier, N Maffulli, and J Good.


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    • Bleeding from the lateral circumflex artery following total hip replacement, treated by embolization.

      E De Groof, D Violon, P Hermans, and J Boghemans.


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    • Radiation therapy to prevent heterotopic ossification in cementless total hip arthroplasty.

      L Linclau, G Dokter, J M Debois, and P Gutwirth.


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    • [Stress fractures of the tibia and gonarthrosis. apropos of 2 cases of pseudoarthroses and literature review]

      A Molderez, J M Clause, and G Delefortrie.


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    • Irradiated meniscal allotransplants of rabbits: study of the mechanical properties at six months postoperation.

      L Yahia, and D Zukor.


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    • [Traumatic scapulo-humeral dislocation in children and adolescents. Apropos of 9 patients]

      R Elbaum, H Parent, R Zeller, and R Seringe.


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    • A dynamic analysis of knee ligament injuries in alpine skiing.

      J F Fischer, P F Leyvraz, and A Bally.


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    • [The Seidel humeral nail in limited indications: pathological fractures, delayed union, pseudarthrosis and reconstruction]

      G Pietu, J Letenneur, and M Bourgade.


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    • Monostotic localization of Paget disease in the hand.

      L De Smet, P Roosen, B Zachee, and G Fabry.


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    • [The contribution of electronic podometry in the postoperative follow-up of feet with double arthrodesis surgery]

      P Bisaccia, L Couverchel, and N Passuti.


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    • Pin removal after in-situ pinning for slipped capital femoral epiphysis.

      J Bellemans, G Fabry, G Molenaers, J Lammens, and P Moens.


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    • [Results of tibial valgus osteotomy for internal femoro-tibial arthritis with an average 8-year follow-up]

      M Bouharras, F Hoet, M Watillon, J Despontin, R Geulette, P Thomas, and D Parmentier.


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    • Photoelastic simulation of a cementless and of a hydroxyapatite coated total hip prosthesis.

      P Maquet, L Zhang, and F De Lamotte.


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    • Bacterial contamination of allografts.

      R H Barrios, M Leyes, S Amillo, and C Oteiza.


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    • [Critical study of the Kennedy-LAD procedure]

      P J Amorós Barceló, M Marín Navarro, J Cabot Dalmau, J García García, and J R Amillo Jiménez.


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    • [Severe anterior sprains of the knee. Ligamentoplasty using the patellar tendon and reinforcement]

      M Malissard, D Huguet, H Nieto, G Raynaud, and J Letenneur.


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    • To augment or not to augment?

      P P Casteleyn.


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    • The Sauvé-Kapandji procedure for nonrheumatic disorders of the distal radioulnar joint.

      B Zachee, L De Smet, P Roosen, and G Fabry.


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