Issue 2

Volume 61, June 1995

  • article

    • Combined realignment procedure (femoral and acetabular) of the hip joint in ambulatory patients with cerebral palsy and secondary hip dislocation.

      J Jerosch, S Senst, and I Hoffstetter.


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    • Intertrochanteric fractures of the femur and osteoarthritis of the ipsilateral hip.

      A Biyani, A J Simison, and L Klenerman.


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    • Delayed intraosseous venous blood flow does not correlate with patellar cartilage changes in anterior knee pain.

      G N Homminga, H A Mazee, E S Van der Linden, and A Van Ooy.


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    • Suspected scaphoid fractures. Can we avoid overkill?

      S Jacobsen, G Hassani, D Hansen, and O Christensen.


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    • Rotator cuff tear and acromioclavicular joint cyst.

      A Lizaur Utrilla, L Marco Gomez, A Perez Aznar, and R Cebrian Gomez.


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    • [Synovial cyst of the hip. Apropos of a case manifested by venous compression]

      J Legaye, and S Redier.


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    • The use of the Wagner revision prosthesis in complex (post) traumatic conditions of the hip.

      D V Stoffelen, and P L Broos.


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    • Septic arthritis: Arthroscopic management with local antibiotic treatment.

      J Jerosch, I Hoffstetter, M Schröder, and W H Castro.


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    • Paralysis of the peroneal nerve following hip fracture treatment.

      J Vermeiren, K Brabants, and M Van Hoye.


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    • Noncemented acetabular revision and bone grafts.

      N Van der Hauwaert, L Vandenberghe, and M Demuynck.


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    • Osteoid Osteoma of the hand and carpus: Peculiar presentations and imaging.

      L De Smet, and G Fabry.


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    • Spinal rotation meter: development and comparison of a new device.

      J E Pruijs, M A Hageman, W Keessen, R Van der Meer, and J C Van Wieringen.


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    • [Transmission of forces at the carpal arch in hyperextension of the wrist--mathematical model]

      P Ledoux.


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