Intramedullary fixation of forearm fractures in adults.

Published online: Mar 27 1996

J Moerman, A Lenaert, D De Coninck, L Haeck, S Verbeke, D Uyttendaele, and R Verdonk.

Department of orthopaedic surgery, University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium.


The authors present a retrospective study of acute fractures of the diaphysis of the radius or ulna, or both, in adults treated by intramedullary nailing. Seventy diaphyseal fractures in 38 patients (30 men and 8 women) were treated by intramedullary fixation. The mean age of the patients was 31.5 years. Union occurred in 66 fractures (94%). The average union-time was 73 days. Compared with the results published by other authors, using the same evaluation criteria, union-time with the intramedullary technique was shorter than with other techniques. Union-rates and functional results were similar to those in comparable studies. Closed nailing does have many advantages, including early union, low incidence of infection, small scars, less blood loss, and short operating time with minimal surgical trauma.