[Long-term results of active-passive ligament repair of the external lateral ligament of the ankle]

Published online: Mar 27 1996

F Farizon, D Paris, J J Azoulai, and G Bousquet.

Centre d'Orthopédie Traumatologie, Hôpital de Bellevue, C.H.U de Saint Etienne.


We reviewed 95 ankles at an average of 9 years after an "activo-passive" operation performed for chronic lateral instability. All the patients had suffered recurrent ankle sprain or instability, with pain in 67 patients. Ten ankles showed a subtalar injury at operation. Degenerative changes were noted in 11 ankle joints. On review, 81 ankles (85%) were stable. The 14 cases with persistent instability had developed the problem one to five years after operation. Two cases presented with limitation in mobility. Osteoarthritis, found in 15 ankles, was severe in only two, and had been present on preoperative films. We found no correlation between functional results (talar tilt, anterior-drawer test) and radiological evaluation. The "activo-passive" operation provides long-term stabilization with preservation of the ankle and of subtalar mobility without severe osteoarthritis.