Issue 3

Volume 62, September 1996

  • article

    • [Surgical approach to the axillary nerve via an anterior trans-coracoid route]

      D Chabernaud, E Baulot, F Turlin, A Perez, and P M Grammont.


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    • [A defective callus of the trapezoid bone diagnosed by 3-dimensional scanner]

      J F Filloux, V Morfaux, O Jarde, and P Vives.


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    • [Dislocation-dissociation of a bipolar hip prosthesis]

      J Corteel, and P Putz.


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    • [Fatigue rupture of a Harris-Galante shell in contact with an autograft of the femur head. Analysis of bone, mechanical and metallurgical factors]

      H Migaud, B Flautre, A Behnamghader, P Hardouin, M Lecomte-Houcke, and A Duquennoy.


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    • [Complications related to the existence of a lunotriquetral synostosis]

      J N Kuhlmann, M Mimoun, P Cumbo, and S Baux.


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    • [Surgical treatment of Madelung's deformity: analysis of a series and proposal for a treatment protocol]

      L De Smet, P Moens, and G Fabry.


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    • Unilateral hypoplasia of the calcaneus associated with other abnormalities. A new entity?

      S D Theodorou, and C Bartsokas.


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    • Peroneal nerve dysfunction after high tibial osteotomy. An anatomical cadaver study.

      S Aydoğdu, H Yercan, C Saylam, and H Sur.


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    • Are routine radiographs during conservative treatment of fractures of the fourth and fifth metacarpals useful?

      M Braakman, A D Verburg, and E E Oderwald.


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    • Isolated traumatic posterior dislocation of the radial head: a report on two cases.

      J F Noyez.


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    • Elbow synovectomy in rheumatoid arthritis.

      C M Jensen, S W Rasmussen, M Haugegaard, T M Melchior, and H Hansen.


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    • Contribution to the vascular origin of the unicameral bone cyst.

      M Gebhart, and P Blaimont.


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    • Fractures of the scapula.

      M Scavenius, and C Sloth.


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    • Myositis ossificans in an infant.

      V Gombault, H De Boeck, and P De Smet.


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