Modularity in total knee arthroplasty.

Published online: Dec 30 1996

J A Rand.

Mayo Clinic Scottsdale, Arizone 85259, USA.


A prospective study was performed of 41 consecutive revisions using a modular total knee arthroplasty design. The Hospital for Special Surgery knee score improved from 52 +/- 16 preoperatively, to 85 +/- 8 at last evaluation. At last evaluation, the HSS knee scores were excellent in 26, good in 14, fair in 1, and poor in 0 knees. The Knee Society pain score improved from 38 +/- 23 preoperatively to 91 +/- 8 at last evaluation. The Knee Society function score improved from 40 +/- 24 preoperatively to 68 +/- 28 at last evaluation. Incomplete radiolucent lines were seen adjacent to 61% of the components, but not adjacent to the long stems. The results were similar with either pressed fit or cemented long stems or posterior cruciate retaining or posterior stabilized articulations of the prosthetic design. Modularity facilitates revision total knee arthroplasty.