Issue 1

Volume 63, March 1997

  • article

    • [Malignant hemangiopericytoma of the pelvis: treatment using internal hemipelvectomy]

      O Heymans, M Gebhart, D Larsimont, N De Saint Aubain, and F X Descamps.


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    • [Giant cell tumors of the spine. Report of a case, literature review]

      P Laffargue, A Cotten, B Cortet, M Lecomte-Houcke, and J Decoulx.


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    • Nodular fasciitis of the hallux: difficulties in diagnosis.

      G Spagnolli, M P Pasquali, M Rosati, and M Lisanti.


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    • Bilateral stress-fracture of the calcaneal tubercle.

      A Rosted, J Bang, and H Svend-Hansen.


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    • Atlantoaxial rotatory fixation. A case report and proposal of a new classification system.

      S Waegeneers, V Voet, H De Boeck, and P Opdecam.


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    • Multiple noncontiguous injuries of the spine in a child: atlantooccipital dislocation and seat-belt injury of the lumbar spine.

      R Vedantam, and A H Crawford.


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    • Skeletal metastases of unknown origin: a retrospective analysis of 29 cases.

      S Jacobsen, S L Stephensen, B P Paaske, P G Lie, and G S Lausten.


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    • Intraoperative EMG response of the musculature after stimulation of the glenohumeral joint capsule.

      J Jerosch, J Steinbeck, M Schröder, M Westhues, and R Reer.


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    • Proximal row carpectomy: an alternative to wrist fusion?

      A Steenwerckx, L De Smet, B Zachee, and G Fabry.


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