Issue 4

Volume 63, December 1997

  • article

    • [Bosworth's fracture (fracture-luxation of the ankle with retro-tibial luxation of the fibula). Presentation of a case]

      R Caranfil.


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    • Late infection after total knee arthroplasty caused by Pasteurella multocida.

      S A Antuña, J G Méndez, J L Castellanos, and J P Jimenez.


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    • The sinus tarsi spacer in the operative treatment of flexible flat feet.

      F Verheyden, E Vanlommel, J Van Der Bauwhede, G Fabry, and G Molenaers.


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    • [Treatment of complex fractures of the ankle and their sequellae using trans-plantar intramedullary nailing]

      E Gagneux, F Gerard, P Garbuio, and P Vichard.


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    • The muscles in chronic ligamentous instability of the knee: an experimental study.

      F Pellisé, and A Navarro-Quilis.


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    • [Complete knee prosthesis in severe genu valgum. Retrospective review of 90 knees surgically treated through the anterio-external approach]

      L Lootvoet, E Blouard, O Himmer, and J P Ghosez.


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    • Diagnostic infiltration of the hip joint with bupivacain in adult acetabular dysplasia.

      M Spruit, C J Van Goethem, M A Kooijman, and P W Pavlov.


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    • [Fracture-luxation of the femur head. Apropos of 10 cases]

      K Zehi, S Karray, T Litaiem, and M Douik.


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    • [Luno-triquetral angle and dislocation of the wrist]

      J N Kuhlmann, I Fahed, and S Baux.


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    • Surgical treatment of wrist deformity in hereditary multiple exostosis.

      T U Jiya, J E Pruijs, and J W van der Eijken.


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    • Surgical treatment of distal biceps tendon ruptures results of a multicentric BOTA-study and review of the literature. Belgian Orthopedic Trauma Association.

      C Martens.


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    • Valgus deformity following supracondylar elbow fractures in children.

      H De Boeck, and P De Smet.


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    • [Ultrasonography and Doppler effect, an original method for the early and dynamic evaluation of bone callus]

      M Elanga, B Bouche, P Putz, and N Dumont.


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    • Normal and abnormal torsional development of the lower extremities.

      G Fabry.


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    • [Surgical treatment of fractures of the radius neck in children using the Métaizeau technic]

      P Tollet, D Toussaint, C Djemal, A Louvard, and J Bremen.


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