Issue 1

Volume 64, March 1998

  • article

    • Myositis ossificans in an infant.

      J C Hoeffel, C Hoeffel, and J M Rousselot.


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    • Carpal boss caused by an accessory capitate. Case report.

      I F Tielliu, and P A van Wellen.


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    • Median nerve neuropathy from an old lunate dislocation.

      J Cara, A Narvaez, V de la Varga, and E Guerado.


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    • Unusual evolution of a benign-looking cortical defect of the proximal humerus. A case of intracortical osteosarcoma?

      H De Boeck, F Handelberg, and J Otten.


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    • Ipsilateral omovertebral bones in the levator scapulae muscle and the rhomboid muscle in a Sprengel deformity: case report.

      E Baulot, P Trouilloud, E A Giroux, and P M Grammont.


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    • Further vascular, bone and autonomic investigations in algodystrophy.

      C Masson, M Audran, C Pascaretti, A Namour, J L Saumet, M F Baslé, E Legrand, C Bregeon, and J C Renier.


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    • Different patterns of extension and recurrence in algodystrophy.

      C Masson, M Audran, C Pascaretti, E Legrand, C Bregeon, and J C Renier.


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    • Partial peripheral neuropathy and denervation induced adrenoceptor supersensitivity. Functional studies in an experimental model.

      H Kurvers, M Daemen, D Slaaf, F Stassen, F van den Wildenberg, P Kitslaar, and J de Mey.


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    • Neuroaugmentation in the treatment of complex regional pain syndrome of the upper extremity.

      O Calvillo, G Racz, J Didie, and K Smith.


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    • Postoperative changes of erythrocyte sedimentation rate, plasma viscosity and C-reactive protein levels after hip surgery.

      B Okafor, and G MacLellan.


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    • [Troublesome radiologic changes after reconstructive fixation of the anterior cruciate ligament with resorbable interference screws]

      F Loubignac, F Lecuire, J Rubini, and M Basso.


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    • [Giant cell tumors of the distal end of the radius treated by resection-arthrodesis]

      H Ben Amor, M Zouari, S Karray, K Zehi, T Litaiem, and M Douik.


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    • [Subungual exostoses. A retrospective study of a series of 28 cases]

      T Fikry, M Dkhissi, A Harfaoui, A Adil, A Haddoun, and B Zryouil.


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    • [Simple tibiotalar luxation. Apropos of 16 cases]

      S Elisé, C Maynou, H Mestdagh, P Forgeois, and P Labourdette.


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    • The Furlong hydroxyapatite-coated total hip replacement in patients under age 51. A 6-year follow-up study.

      G Loupasis, E W Morris, and I D Hyde.


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    • Which procedure gives best results in reconstructing dislocated hip joints in cerebral palsy?

      R Brunner.


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    • Delayed appearance of hip fractures in citizens of Bergen born in the countryside compared to cityborn.

      B F Iversen, P F Iversen, and N Levi.


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    • Can the patient's memory of the timing of pain events replace chart notes?

      A L Barck.


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    • Dysplasia epiphysealis hemimelica (Trevor's disease) of the distal radius.

      N Levi, S E Ostgaard, and B Lund.


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    • [Percutaneous treatment of an osteoid osteoma of the scapula using a laser under scanner control]

      L Dussaussois, J Stelmaszyk, and J Golzarian.


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