Issue 4

Volume 64, December 1998

  • article

    • Results of the treatment of posttraumatic reflex sympathetic dystrophy of the upper extremity with regional intravenous blocks of methylprednisolone and lidocaine.

      A Zyluk.


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    • Role of neuropeptides in pathogenesis of reflex sympathetic dystrophy.

      S J Blair, M Chinthagada, D Hoppenstehdt, R Kijowski, and J Fareed.


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    • Neurogenic inflammation and reflex sympathetic dystrophy (in vivo and in vitro assessment in an experimental model).

      M Daemen, H Kurvers, P Bullens, G Barendse, M Van Kleef, and F Van den Wildenberg.


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    • Frozen shoulder--an algoneurodystrophic process?

      L P Müller, M Rittmeister, J John, J Happ, and F Kerschbaumer.


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    • [Anterior cruciate ligament prosthesis. Analysis of a failure]

      M De Smedt.


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    • Fracture of the ossified Achilles tendon.

      M C Aksoy, and A Surat.


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    • [Isolated traumatic anterior dislocation of the radial head]

      B Damak, H Triki, N Karray, M Rebaï, and H Keskes.


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    • [Traumatic ruptures of the peroneal tendons treated by free autologous tendon graft]

      M Mas, A Rodríguez, and E Partoune.


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    • Nontraumatic bilateral first rib fractures.

      A Tsukada, S Uchiyama, H Toriumi, H Nakagawa, and T Miyasaka.


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    • Arthroplasty of the forefoot in rheumatoid arthritis: long-term results after Clayton procedure.

      A Karbowski, M Schwitalle, and A Eckhardt.


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    • Patellofemoral pain syndrome in athletes: a 5.7-year retrospective follow-up study of 250 athletes.

      L Blønd, and L Hansen.


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    • The femoral supracondylar nail: preliminary experience.

      T Scheerlinck, P Krallis, P Y Descamps, D Hardy, and P Delincé.


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    • Acute ulnar collateral ligament injuries of the thumb metacarpophalangeal joint: an anatomical and clinical study.

      J Arranz López, F Alzaga, and J Molina.


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    • Psychological distress deteriorates the subjective outcome of lumbosacral fusion. A prospective study.

      J Van Susante, D Van de Schaaf, and P Pavlov.


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    • Clinical validity of the elbow flexion test for the diagnosis of ulnar nerve compression at the cubital tunnel.

      M Rosati, R Martignoni, G Spagnolli, C Nesti, and M Lisanti.


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    • Surgical treatment of trigger fingers.

      F Vaes, L De Smet, H Van Ransbeeck, and G Fabry.


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    • Effect of forearm rotation on grip strength.

      L De Smet, B Tirez, and K Stappaerts.


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    • [Thoracolumbar fractures. Pathomorphology and indications for treatment]

      J Senegas.


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