Issue 2

Volume 65, June 1999

  • article

    • Unusual finding after contrast injection of a solitary bone cyst. A case report.

      J C Abril, J A Queiruga, J Casas, and J AlbiƱana.


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    • Development of a desmoid tumor at the site of a total hip replacement.

      M Gebhart, M Fourmarier, O Heymans, J Alexiou, P Yengue, and N De Saint-Aubain.


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    • Conservative surgery for chondrosarcoma of the first metacarpal bone.

      R J Wirbel, and K Remberger.


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    • Anterior flap for coverage following hip disarticulation for osteomyelitis.

      M Vancabeke, L Harper, W Penders, and P Putz.


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    • [Cystic lesion and compression of the posterior epidural space associated with bilateral lumbar spondylolysis. Presentation of a case. Correlation with observable arthrographic images in a case of spondylolysis]

      P Mailleux, J P Ghosez, R Menten, and A Bodart.


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    • What is reflex sympathetic dystrophy?

      M Driessens, H Dijs, G Verheyen, and P Blockx.


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    • Acupuncture in the treatment of posttraumatic pain syndrome.

      M I Korpan, Y Dezu, B Schneider, T Leitha, and V Fialka-Moser.


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    • [Treatment results of fractures of the patella using pre-patellar tension wiring. Analysis of a series of 203 cases]

      M Mehdi, J L Husson, J L Polard, A Ouahmed, R Poncer, and J Lombard.


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    • Postoperative deep wound infection in instrumented spinal surgery.

      U Aydinli, O Karaeminoğullari, and K Ti?kaya.


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    • [Fractures of the proximal end of the humerus treated by the Kapandji centro-medullary nailing technic. A review of 21 cases]

      S Monin, and F van Innis.


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    • [Femoro-patellar prosthesis. A retrospective study of 45 consecutive cases with a follow-up of 3-12 years]

      P De Cloedt, J Legaye, and W Lokietek.


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    • Prevention of oxidative stress due to tourniquet application. Analysis of the effects of local hypothermia and systemic allopurinol administration.

      D Erdoğan, S Omeroğlu, S Sarban, and O S Atik.


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    • Femoral bone loss in total knee arthroplasty. A review.

      C J van Loon, M C de Waal Malefijt, P Buma, N Verdonschot, and R P Veth.


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    • [Congenital equinovarus clubfoot]

      R Seringe.


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    • Synovial actinomycosis of the hip: case report and review.

      K Dom, and T Pittevils.


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    • Acute anterior forearm compartment syndrome following wrist arthrodesis.

      Y Baeten, L De Smet, and G Fabry.


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