The Sauvé-Kapandji procedure for posttraumatic wrist disorders: further experience.

Published online: Jun 16 2000

L A De Smet, and H Van Ransbeeck.

Department of Orthopedics, University Hospital Pellenberg, Belgium.


A prospective survey was conducted to evaluate the outcome of the Sauvé-Kapandji procedure for posttraumatic wrist disorders. Eighty four patients were treated, all with posttraumatic disorders of the distal radioulnar joint, 73 as an isolated procedure, 11 in combination with another wrist procedure. There was significant pain decrease and high patient satisfaction (74%). The range of motion increased in the flexion/extension arc from 109 degrees to 124 degrees (p = 0.006) and, in those with limited forearm rotation, from 71 degrees to 134 degrees (p = 0.006). According to the Mayo Clinic wrist score, we obtained 20 excellent, 34 good, 18 fair and 12 poor results. Complications were rare.