[Fibrocartilaginous dysplasia and tibia vara in young children: presentation of 3 new cases with spontaneous resolution and review of the literature]

Published online: Oct 27 2000

D Ceroni, M Mosconi, and A DiMeglio.

Unité d'Orthopédie et de Traumatologie Infantile, Hôpital des Enfants, Genève, Suisse.


Focal fibrocartilaginous dysplasia is a rare and benign condition associated with unilateral tibia vara in toddlers. Three additional cases are reported in children aged 17, 18 and 26 months with spontaneous resolution. The authors discuss, based on a meta-analysis, the natural history of the disorder and review the diagnostic and pathophysiological problems. Since spontaneous remodeling of varus angulation and healing of the bony defect can be expected, biopsy and surgical intervention should be avoided.