Reconstructive surgery for a defect in the shaft of the ulna due to osteomyelitis. Long-term result of a case.

Published online: Oct 27 2000

J M Kirkos, and J H Haritidis.

1st Department of Orthopedics, Kilkis General Hospital, Greece.


An eight and a half-year-old boy suffered from chronic osteomyelitis of the left ulna with sinuses, destruction of the middle three-quarters with the presence of necrotic bone and posterolateral dislocation of the radial head. The operative treatment included sequestrectomy and gradual reduction of the radial head after application of an Anderson apparatus. In a second procedure a corticocancellous tibial bone graft was used to bridge the ulnar gap, and later the redislocated radial head was excised. At the latest follow-up, 45 years postoperatively, the limb is fit with normal muscle strength and very satisfactory motion of the elbow and wrist joints, and the patient works as a hard manual laborer.