Issue 5

Volume 66, December 2000

  • article

    • [Isolated traumatic luxation of the distal radio-ulnar joint. A case report]

      R Caranfil.


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    • [Traumatic luxation of the posterior tibialis tendon]

      A Kakanou, R Liloku, A Nchimi, E Bauduin, J C Bienfait, and Y Lecomte.


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    • High-grade metachronous osteosarcoma. A case report over a 23-year period.

      D F Kalbermatten, W Windisch, and K A Siebenrock.


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    • Extradigital glomus tumor causing para-Achilles tendon pain. A case report.

      Y Nakamura, T Nomura, M Ookubo, T Adati, and D Harada.


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    • Congenital bilateral short femur complicated by stress fracture. A case report.

      D Keskin, N Ezirmik, and O Karsan.


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    • Surgical risk factors in Larsen's syndrome.

      K Karakas, E F Percin, and S Percin.


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    • Ganglion cysts associated with cruciate ligaments of the knee: a possible cause of recurrent knee pain.

      F García-Alvarez, J M García-Pequerul, J L Avila, J M Sainz, and T Castiella.


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    • Anterograde femoral nailing with a reamed interlocking titanium alloy nail.

      S Debrauwer, K Hendrix, and R Verdonk.


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    • Conservative or surgical management of distal femoral fractures. A retrospective study with a minimum five year follow-up.

      A M Nasr, I Mc Leod, A Sabboubeh, and N Maffulli.


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    • Failure of total hip arthroplasty with Boneloc bone cement.

      P Gebuhr, K Stentzer, F Thomsen, and N Levi.


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    • Impaction grafting for acetabular deficiency in total hip arthroplasty for developmental hip dysplasia.

      B Berghs, N Wendover, A J Timperley, and G A Gie.


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    • Clinical relevance of acetabular erosion in young patients with a bipolar hip prosthesis.

      G Kiekens, J Somville, and A Taminiau.


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    • Lateral epicondylalgia: treatment by manipulation under anaesthetic and steroid injection and operative release.

      S Madan, and R L Jowett.


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    • [The role of arthroscopy in subacromial pathology. Retrospective study of a series of arthroscopic acromioplasties]

      P Schiepers, P Pauwels, W Penders, B Brandelet, and P Putz.


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    • The CINCA syndrome: a rare cause of chronic arthritis and multisystem inflammatory disorders.

      H de Boeck, T Scheerlinck, and J Otten.


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    • [Is knee osteotomy still indicated in knee osteoarthritis?]

      D N Antonescu.


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