Issue 1

Volume 67, February 2001

  • article

    • Unusual presentations in myositis ossificans progressiva. A case report.

      S A Khan, M Zahid, N Asif, and N Gogi.


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    • An uncommon injury of the thumb.

      S Ankarath, and A P Cohen.


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    • Kienbock disease in cerebral palsy.

      L De Smet.


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    • Anterior interosseous nerve injury associated with a Monteggia fracture-dislocation.

      A J Arenas, F J Art√°zcoz, A Tejero, and C Arias.


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    • Brachial artery injury in closed posterior elbow dislocation case report.

      P Reynders, P Broos, and D Stoffelen.


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    • [Triple fracture of the superior shoulder suspensory complex]

      C Lecoq, G Marck, G Curvale, and P Groulier.


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    • [Complete transverse fractures of the talus: value of magnetic resonance imaging for detection of avascular necrosis]

      O Jarde, G Boulu, E Havet, A Gabrion, and P Vives.


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    • [Long term results in treatment of residual hip dysplasia by Salter osteotomy (study of 31 cases)]

      M Chaker, C Picault, and R Kohler.


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    • Metastatic fractures of the tibia.

      K De Geeter, P Reynders, I Samson, and P L Broos.


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    • Knee fusion--a new technique using an old Belgian surgical approach and a new intramedullary nail.

      V Alt, and D Seligson.


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    • Histomorphometric analysis of the normal adult patella.

      E Sabo, D G Mendes, S Head, R Nachman, I Misselevich, and J H Boss.


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    • [Surgical treatment of distal femoral fractures using extra-medullary osteosynthesis]

      G Lamraski, D Toussaint, and J Bremen.


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    • Plating of femoral shaft fractures. A review of 15 cases.

      D Seligson, T Mulier, S Keirsbilck, and J Been.


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    • Snapping iliotibial band. Report of ten cases and review of the literature.

      A A Faraj, A Moulton, and V M Sirivastava.


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    • [Selective fasicular neurotomy for spastic equinovarus foot deformity in cerebral palsy children]

      T Deltombe, T Gustin, P Laloux, P De Cloedt, J F De Wispelaere, and P Hanson.


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