Multicentric giant cell tumor of the upper arm

Published online: Feb 27 2002

Hamdi M, Ben Amor H, Ben Chaabane T, Kchelfi S, Nouisri L, Khelil A.

Service d'Orthopedie-Traumatologie, Hopital Militaire Principal d'Instruction de Tunis, Tunisie.


Multicentric giant cell tumors of bone are rare; they represent less than 1% of all giant cell tumors. We report the case of a 35-year-old right-handed man, who presented in 1985 with a giant cell tumor of the upper end of the right humerus. After failure of conservative treatment (curettage and bone grafting), resection-arthrodesis of the shoulder with a free vascularized fibular autograft was performed. Three years later, the patient developed an osteolytic lesion of the lower end of the ipsilateral radius, involving the soft tissues and the wrist joint. He was treated with resection-arthrodesis of the wrist with a free vascularized fibular graft. The histologic study confirmed the diagnosis of giant cell tumor of similar grade. After 13 years follow-up, the patient had a satisfactory function of the limb and no recurrence of the tumor was noted.