Issue 4

Volume 70, August 2004

  • article

    • Orthopaedic concerns in children with growth hormone therapy.

      Docquier PL, Mousny M, Jouret M, Bastin C, Rombouts JJ.


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    • Debridement arthroplasty for osteoarthritis of the elbow (Outerbridge-Kashiwagi procedure).

      Vingerhoeds B, Degreef I, De Smet L.


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    • Minifragment plating for fractures of the distal radius.

      Martinez AA, Canales V, Cuenca J, Herrera A.


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    • Is the Charnley evolution working? A five-year outcome study.

      Kalairajah Y, Azurza K, Molloy S, Hulme C, Cronin M, Drabu KJ.


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    • The long term fate of the fibula when used as an intraosseous graft.

      Nagi ON, Dhillon MS, Aggarwal S.


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    • Early prophylactic autogenous bone grafting in type III open tibial fractures.

      Kesemenli CC, Kapukaya A, Subasi M, Arslan H, Necmioglu S, Kayikci C.


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    • Anterior lumbar interbody fusion using a hybrid graft.

      el-Masry MA, Katsochis A, Badawy WS, el-Hawary YK.


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    • Operative treatment for degenerative lumbar spinal canal stenosis.

      Trouillier H, Birkenmaier C, Kluzik J, Kauschke T, Refior HJ.


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    • Results of surgical treatment for kyphotic deformity of the spine secondary to trauma or Scheuermann's disease.

      Atici T, Aydinli U, Akesen B, Serifoglu R.


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    • Suction dressings in total knee arthroplasty--an alternative to deep suction drainage.

      Panousis K, Grigoris P, Strover AE.


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    • The management of musculoskeletal infection in HIV carriers.

      Bahebeck J, Bedimo R, Eyenga V, Kouamfack C, Kingue T, Nierenet M, Sosso M.


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    • Minimally invasive intervention for acute bleeding from a pseudoaneurysm after revision hip arthroplasty.

      Ulmar B, Aschoff AJ, Orend KH, Puhl W, Huch K.


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    • Phalangeal intraosseous epidermoid cyst.

      McGraw P, Bonvento B, Moholkar K.


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    • Gouty flexor tenosynovitis mimicking infection: a case report emphasising the value of ultrasound in diagnosis.

      Aslam N, Lo S, McNab I.


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    • Traumatic bilateral posterior dislocation of the hip--an unusual mechanism resulting from an agricultural accident.

      Patton MS, Banaskiewicz PA, Finlayson D.


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    • Congenital patellar aplasia in conjunction with trisomy 8. A case report.

      Arslan H, Kapukaya A, Kayikci C, Demircan A.


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    • A clunking knee with an unusual cause in an adolescent: a case report.

      Sharma DK, Goswani V, Bhatts K.


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    • Osteoarthritis--a rare indication for atlantoaxial fusion. A case report and review of the literature.

      Kafer W, Cakir B, Richter M.


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    • Nocardia farcinica arthritis of the knee. A case report.

      Audenaert E, Almafragi A, Vuylsteke M, Verdonckt C, Verdonk R.


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