Issue 5

Volume 70, October 2004

  • article

    • Can peripheral nerve blocks contribute to heel ulcers following total knee replacement?

      Sunil Apsingi, and Chakravarthy U Dussa.


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    • Spontaneous non-traumatic dislocation of the knee.

      Alistair Pace, and Colin Fergusson.


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    • Chondrolipoma of the hand: a case report.

      Stefan Krüger, Bernd Kisse, Anja Stahlenbrecher, Alfred C Feller, and Josef Hoch.


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    • Pseudo-rupture of Extensor Pollicis Longus following Kischner wire fixation of distal radius fractures.

      Mark R Harrison, Steven Hamilton, and Alan J Johnstone.


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    • Concurrent scaphoid fracture with scapholunate ligament rupture.

      Chun-Ying Cheng, Kuo-Yao Hsu, I-Chuan Tseng, and Hsin-Nung Shih.


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    • Anterior interosseous nerve paralysis due to Gantzer's muscle.

      Ilse Degreef, and Luc De Smet.


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    • Acutrak fixation of comminuted distal radial fractures.

      Kirti Moholkar, and Tagdh O'Sullivan.


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    • The need to protect the thyroid gland during image intensifier use in orthopaedic procedures.

      Kailash Laxman Devalia, Abhijit Guha, and Vijay G Devadoss.


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    • Postoperative autologous blood salvage drains--are they useful in primary uncemented hip and knee arthroplasty? A prospective study of 186 cases.

      Henry Wynn Jones, Laura Savage, Craig White, Richard Goddard, Hillary Lumley, Fadil Kashif, and Kurinchi Gurusany.


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    • Combined interbody cage and anterior plating in the surgical treatment of cervical disc disease.

      Anastasios Christodoulou, Avraam Ploumis, Ioannis Terzidis, Paraskevas Hantzidis, Konstantinos Tapsis, and John Pournaras.


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    • Pressfit ceramic arthroplasty of the first metatarsophalangeal joint: a short-term review.

      Ajay Malviya, Ashad Udwadia, and James Doyle.


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    • Treatment of extracapsular hip fractures with the proximal femoral nail (PFN): long term results in 45 patients.

      Minos Tyllianakis, Andreas Panagopoulos, Andreas Papadopoulos, Socratis Papasimos, and Konstantinos Mousafiris.


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    • Implant breakage, a rare complication with the Gamma nail. A review of 843 fractures of the proximal femur treated with a Gamma nail.

      Diego Bertrand Alvarez, José Paz Aparicio, Esteban López-Anglada Fernández, Ignacio González-Busto Múgica, Daniel Núñez Batalla, and José Paz Jiménez.


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    • The Long Gamma Nail for stabilisation of existing and impending pathological fractures of the femur: an analysis of 48 cases.

      Kirti Moholkar, Ram Mohan, and Peter Grigoris.


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    • Greater trochanter bursitis pain syndrome in females with chronic low back pain and sciatica.

      Fares Sayegh, Michael Potoupnis, and George Kapetanos.


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    • Limb-sparing surgery for primary malignant tumours of the pelvis.

      Ufuk Aydinli, Cagatay Ozturk, Ulviye Yalcinkaya, Onur Tirelioglu, and Salim Ersozlu.


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    • Prospective functional analysis of trapeziectomy combined with intermetacarpal tendon stabilisation in trapeziometacarpal arthritis.

      Olivier Barbier, Areti-Markella Chryssagi, Sébastien Hugon, Jean-Jacques Rombouts, and Jean-Louis Thonnard.


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    • Results of intravenous regional anaesthesia with distal forearm application.

      Nazim Karalezli, Kubilay Karalezli, Serkan Iltar, Oğuzhan Cimen, and Nevres Aydoğan.


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    • The floating shoulder.

      Chandra Pasapula, Vipul Mandalia, and Nadim Aslam.


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    • Radiographic analysis of anatomical risk factors for Kienböck's disease.

      Emanuel Thienpont, Thomas Mulier, Filip Rega, and Luc De Smet.


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