Issue 3

Volume 72, June 2006

  • current concepts review

    • Pathogenesis of progressive adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Platelet activation and vascular biology in immature vertebrae : an alternative molecular hypothesis

      Richard Geoffrey Burwell, Peter Hugh Dangerfield


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  • review article

    • Massive osteolysis (Gorham’s disease) affecting the femur

      Henrica M. J. van der Linden-van der Zwaag, Gerard J. Onvlee


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  • original studies

    • Elastic stable intramedullary nailing for midclavicular fractures in athletes : Indications, technical pitfalls and early results

      Christoph Meier, Patrick Grueninger, Andreas Platz


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    • Calcifying tendinitis of the rotator cuff : Functional outcome after arthroscopic treatment

      Ruben Jacobs , Philippe Debeer


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    • Clinical and radiological presentation of tuberculosis of the elbow

      Aditya Aggarwal, Ish Dhammi


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    • Outcome of open versus endoscopic approach for the surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

      Michel P. J .van den Bekerom, Eric Breemans, Karel Schäffer


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    • Poor outcome following bilateral sacroiliac joint fusion for degenerative sacroiliac joint syndrome

      Uwe Schütz, Dieter Grob


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    • Clinical and radiological outcome following total hip arthroplasty with an uncemented trabecular metal monoblock acetabular cup

      Baskaran Komarasamy, Ramanan Vadivelu, Andrew Bruce, Christopher Kershaw, John Davison


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    • Hedrocel trabecular metal monoblock acetabular cups : mid-term results

      Michiel Mulier, Bart Rys, Lieven Moke


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    • Treatment of Gustilo grade III B supracondylar fractures of the femur with Ilizarov external fixation

      Pankaj Kumar, Girish K. Singh, Mahipal Singh, Suraj Bajraacharya


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    • Tuberculous spondylitis : abscess drainage after failure of anti-tuberculous therapy

      Orhan Büyükbebeci, Gunhan Karakurum, Bahadır Daglar, Gokturk Maralcan, Savas Güner, Akif Güleç


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    • Prospective assessment of cervical fusion status : plain radiographs versus CT-scan

      Avraam Ploumis, Amir Mehbod, Timothy Garvey, Thomas Gilbert, Ensor Transfeldt, Kirkham Wood


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    • Posterior endoscopic discectomy for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation

      Cagatay Oztürk, Mehmet Tezer, Mehmet Aydogan, Mercan Sarier, Azmi Hamzaoglu


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    • Epiphysiodesis of the greater trochanter in Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease : The importance of timing

      Alexander Van Tongel, Guy Fabry


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    • The PerCutaneous Compression Plate (PCCP™) in the treatment of trochanteric hip fractures in elderly patients

      Hocine Bensafi, Jean-Michel Laffosse, Gérard Giordano, Charles Dao, Philippe Chiron, Jean Puget


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  • technical note

    • Stabilisation of a posteriorly unstable glenohumeral joint during total shoulder arthroplasty : A novel capsulorrhaphy technique

      George M. Kontakis, Magdalini Tozakidou, John Karantinos


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  • case report

    • Congenital pseudarthrosis of the clavicle : The role of CT-scanning

      Andrew Sloan, Robin Paton


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    • Paediatric transverse divergent dislocation of the elbow

      Praveen Basanagoudar, Alistair Pace, David Ross


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    • Bicipitoradial bursitis : A case report

      Lore Kegels, Jan Van Oyen, Wim Siemons, René Verdonk


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    • Diphtheroid infection of a total knee arthroplasty following femoral percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

      Allan M. Conway, Matthew G. Smith, Moez Obeid


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    • Periprosthetic fracture of the tibial plateau after unicompartmental knee arthroplasty

      Pieter Van Loon, Bart de Munnynck, Johan Bellemans


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    • Atraumatic haemarthrosis following total knee replacement treated with selective embolisation

      Dimitrios Karataglis, Duncan Marlow, Duncan J. A. Learmonth


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