Issue 4

Volume 72, August 2006

  • review article

    • The distal radioulnar joint in rheumatoid arthritis

      Luc De Smet


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  • original studies

    • Clinical evaluation of a new custom offset shoulder prosthesis for treatment of complex fractures of the proximal humerus

      Alexander T. Mehlhorn, Hagen Schmal, Norbert P. Sudkamp


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    • Posteromedial approach to the distal humerus for fracture fixation

      Cédric Laporte, Maurice Thiongo, Dominique Jegou


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    • Complications following resection of the olecranon bursa

      Ilse Degreef, Luc De Smet


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    • Development of a clinical decision tool for suspected scaphoid fractures

      Pascal Steenvoorde, Cathrien Jacobi, Alex van der Lecq, Louk van Doorn, Job Kievit, Jacques Oskam


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    • Pilot study evaluating a clinical decision tool on suspected scaphoid fractures

      Pascal Steenvoorde, Cathrien Jacobi, Louk van Doorn, Jacques Oskam


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    • Safety of carpal tunnel release with a short incision: A cadaver study

      Khalil Alizadeh, Farivar Lahiji, Mani Phalsaphy


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    • Assessment of malnutrition in hip fracture patients : Effects on surgical delay, hospital stay and mortality

      Panagiotis D. Symeonidis, David Clark


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    • Mid term results of Furlong LOL uncemented hip hemiarthroplasty for fractures of the femoral neck

      Prakash Chandran, Mohammed Azzabi, Dave JC Burton, Mark Andrews, John G Bradley


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    • Hybrid external fixation in periarticular tibial fractures. Good final outcome in 56 patients

      Aditya K. Aggarwal, Onkar N. Nagi


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    • The value of pre-operative aspiration in the diagnosis of an infected prosthetic knee: A retrospective study and review of literature

      Michel P. J. Van den Bekerom, José Stuyck


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    • Prophylactic external fixation and extensive bone debridement for chronic osteomyelitis

      Lucian Fodor, Yehuda Ullmann, Michael Soudry, Eduard Calif, Alexander Lerner


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    • Surgical treatment of hallux valgus : the Gibson-Piggott technique revisited

      Dan Arvinte, Wilfred Quarcoopome, Vijay Kane, Raymond Steingold, Raj Reddy


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    • Posterior lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF) with cages and local bone graft in the treatment of spinal stenosis

      Hans Trouillier, Christof Birkenmaier, Alexander Rauch, Christoph Weiler, Thomas Kauschke, Hans Jürgen Refior


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    • The effect of local administration of phenytoin on fracture healing : An experimental study

      Manoj Mathew, Mandeep S. Dhillon, Onkar N. Nagi, Ramesh K. Sen, Ritambhra Nada


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  • technical note

    • The reverse shoulder prosthesis (Delta III) in acute shoulder fractures : Technical considerations with respect to stability

      Peter Van Seymortier, Daniel Stoffelen, Yves Fortems, Piet Reynders


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  • case report

    • Isolated carpal scaphoid dislocation

      John G. Kennedy, Phillip O'Connor, John Brunner, Christopher Hodgkins, John Curtin


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    • Resection of the distal ulna for tumours and stabilisation of the stump. A case report and literature review

      Efstathios H. Kayias, Georgios I. Drosos, Georgia A. Anagnostopoulou


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    • Compressive blunt trauma of the abdomen and pelvis associated with abdominal aortic rupture

      Efstathios Katsoulis, Christophoros Tzioupis, Ian Sparks, Peter V. Giannoudis


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    • Ankylosis due to heterotopic ossification following primary total knee arthroplasty

      Emmanuel Thienpont, Thomas Schmalzried, Johan Bellemans


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    • Acute exertional compartment syndrome of the superficial posterior compartment of the leg

      Koppa N. R. Srikanth, Mark Chong, Keith Porter


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    • Cervical spondylolysis : A case report

      Seddik Oueslati, Khalil Zaouia, Mouna Chelli


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