Issue 6

Volume 72, December 2006

  • review article

    • Virtual Reality - A 'play station' of the future. A review of virtual reality and orthopaedics

      A.Mohan, M. Proctor


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  • original studies

    • Open repair of Bankart lesions using suture anchors in hard workers.

      O. Cetik, M. Uslu, B. K. Ozsar, F. Eksioglu, G. Cetik


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    • Learning curve for a modified Watson-Jones minimally invasive approach in primary total hip replacement : Analysis of complications and early results versus the standard-incision posterior approach

      Jean-Michel Laffosse, Philippe Chiron, Franck Accadbled, François Molinier, Jean-Louis Tricoire, Jean Puget


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    • The effect of two different types of cement restrictors on the femoral cement mantle

      Adnan A. Faraj, Kumariah Rajasekar


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    • Does a minimally invasive approach affect positioning of components in unicompartmental knee arthroplasty ? Early results with survivorship analysis

      Steve Cool, Jan Victor, Thierry De Baets


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    • Comparative study of ankle arthrodesis using cross screw fixation versus anterior contoured plate plus cross screw fixation

      Gopikrishna Kakarala, Daniel T. Rajan


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    • Serial casting in the treatment of idiopathic toe-walkers and review of the literature

      Anna Fox, Sue Deakin, Gill Pettigrew, Robin Paton


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    • Optimal closure of surgical wounds in forefoot surgery : Are adhesive strips beneficial ?

      Philip Vaughan, Joy Haworth, Julie Humphrey, Raman Dega


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    • Are bone autografts still necessary in 2006 ? A three-year retrospective study of bone grafting

      Adrien Albert, Thibaut Leemrijse, Vincent Druez, Christian Delloye, Olivier Cornu


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    • Orthopaedic complications associated with sickle-cell disease

      Antoine de Gheldere, Roger Ndjoko, Pierre-Louis Docquier, Maryline Mousny, Jean-Jacques Rombouts


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    • Manifestations and management of osteochondromas : A retrospective analysis of 382 patients

      Yener Saglik, Murat Altay, Vuslat Sema Unal, Kerem Basarir, Yusuf Yildiz


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    • Doxycycline impairs tendon repair in rats

      Björn Pasternak, Mårten Fellenius, Per Aspenberg


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    • Dupuytren’s disease : Outcome of the proximal interphalangeal joint in isolated fifth ray involvement

      Nicolien Van Giffen, Ilse Degreef, Luc De Smet


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    • Fasciectomy and conservative full thickness skin grafting in Dupuytren’s contracture. The fish technique

      Niloy Roy, Dinesh Sharma, Asif H. Mirza, Nabil Fahmy


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    • Hip deformity in symptomatic adult Perthes’ disease

      Henk Eijer, Robert P. Berg, Daniël Haverkamp, Guy A. B. M. Pécasse


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  • technical note

    • Adipofascial radial forearm flap after failed surgical treatment of lateral epicondylitis

      Florian Gaede


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    • Distraction osteogenesis to improve limb function in congenital bilateral humeroradioulnar synostosis

      Gopikrishna Kakarala, Venu Kavarthapu, Om Lahoti


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  • case report

    • Pseudo-colonic obstruction after lumbar spine surgery : A case report

      David Reverdy, Michael Gebhart, Konstantinos Kothonidis, Julien Gallez, Daniel De Becker, Gabriel Liberale


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    • Isolated tuberculous tenosynovitis of the flexor carpi ulnaris : A case report and review of literature

      Ish K. Dhammi, Sandeep Singh, Anil K. Jain, Sudhir Kumar


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    • Soft tissue osteosarcoma : A case report

      Narayan Hulse, Ashok S. Paul


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    • Ossifying fibroma of long bones in adults : A case report

      Fernando Almeida Herrero, Antonio Silvestre Muñoz, Miguel Martinez Rodriguez, Francisco Gomar Sancho


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    • Tenosynovial juxta-articular giant-cell tumour of the knee – an unusual location of the tumour

      Peter Lüthje, Ilona Nurmi-Lüthje


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    • Pathological hangman’s fracture after successful renal transplantation

      Shafic Said Al-Nammari, Aadil A. Khan, Jonathon D. Lucas, Khai S. Lam


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