Issue 1

Volume 73, February 2007

  • current concepts review

    • Internal fixation of proximal humeral fractures

      John W.K. Harrison, Daniel W.J. Howcroft, James G. Warner, Stephen P. Hodgson


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  • review article

    • History of radial head prosthesis in traumatology

      Roger P. van Riet, Francis Van Glabbeek


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  • original studies

    • Adhesive shoulder capsulitis : Does the timing of manipulation influence outcome ?

      Olivia Flannery, Hannan Mullett, James Colville


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    • Bicortical K-wires for distal radius fracture fixation : How many ?

      Harish V. Kurup, Vipul Mandalia, Anthony Shaju, Adrian Beaumont


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    • Reliability of observer assessment of thermographic images in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome type 1

      Sjoerd P. Niehof, Frank J.P.M. Huygen, Dirk L. Stronks, Jan Klein, Freek J. Zijlstra


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    • Influence of labral tears on the outcome of acetabular augmentation procedures in adult dysplastic hips. Prospective assessment with a minimum follow-up of 12 years

      Julien Girard, Kristina Springer, Donatien Bocquet, Anne Cotten, Antoine Duquennoy, Henri Migaud


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    • External fixation of intertrochanteric fractures in elderly high-risk patients

      Kostas Kazakos, Dimitrios N. Lyras, Dionysios Verettas, Vasilios Galanis, Ioannis Psillakis, Kostas Xarchas


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    • Navigated total knee arthroplasty :A radiological analysis of 42 randomised cases

      Marc Mombert, Luc Van Den Daelen, Paul Gunst, Lieven Missinne


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    • Medium term results with the Press Fit Condylar (PFC) Sigma knee prosthesis. The Wrightington experience

      Saeed H. Zaki, Imran Rafiq, Amit Kapoor, Videsh Raut, Anil K. Gambhir, Martyn L. Porter


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    • Early results with the new internal fixator systems. LCP and LISS : A prospective study

      Yolanda Hernanz González, Andrés Díaz Martín, Fernando Jara Sánchez, Carlos Resines Erasun


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    • Free non-vascularised fibular graft for treatment of post-traumatic bone defects

      Mostafa El-Sayed, Mahmoud El-Hadidi, Wael El-Adl


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    • The Ilizarov Technique in joint contractures and dislocations

      Yehuda Ullmann, Lucian Fodor, Michael Soudry, Alexander Lerner


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    • Modified Essex-Lopresti / Westheus reduction for displaced intra-articular fractures of the calcaneus. Description of surgical technique and early outcomes

      Anand Pillai, Prabhudeva Basappa, Stefan Ehrendorfer


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    • Rheumatoid forefoot reconstruction : 1st metatarsophalangeal fusion and excision arthroplasty of lesser metatarsal heads

      Sujit Kadambande, Ujwal Debnath, Ashish Khurana, Mukesh Hemmady, Kartik Hariharan


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    • Management of fibrous dysplasia A report on 36 cases

      Yener Saglik, Hakan Atalar, Yusuf Yildiz, Kerem Basarir, Selim Erekul


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  • technical note

    • Treatment of deep wound infections after spinal fusion with a vacuum-assisted device in patients with spinal cord injury

      Carlos Vicario, Jesus de Juan, Ana Esclarin, Monica Alcobendas


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  • case report

    • Glenoid osteolysis after arthroscopic labrum repair with a bioabsorbable suture anchor

      Marco Spoliti


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    • Flexor tendon synovitis of the hand as first manifestation of atypical tuberculosis

      Björn D. Krapohl, Fercan Kömürcü, Sabine Stöckl-Hiesleitner, Maria Deutinger


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    • Sleeve fracture of the upper pole of the patella : A case report

      Tom Van Isacker, Hugo De Boeck


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    • Posterior knee dislocation after total knee arthroplasty in a patient with multiple sclerosis. A case report

      Johannes L. Bron, Rachid Saouti, Arthur De Gast


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    • Early removal of a Maverick disc prosthesis : surgical findings and morphological changes

      Jens François, Ronald Coessens, Philippe Lauweryns


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    • Pyogenic spondylitis as a complication of ear piercing : Differentiating between spondylitis and discitis

      Miguel Sewnath, Tina Faber, Rene Castelein


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    • Solitary osteochondroma of the cervical spine causing spinal cord compression

      Cagatay Ozturk, Mehmet Tezer, Azmi Hamzaoglu


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    • Fatal fat embolism following an isolated vertebral fracture

      Dan Lewis, Richard Jones, Clare Carpenter, Stuart James


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