A modified technique of internal bone transport

Published online: Apr 27 2008

Bilal Demir, Kahraman Ozturk, Ramadan Oke, Sarper Gursu, Kerem B. Aydin, Vedat Sahin

From the Baltalimani Metin Sabanci, Bone and Joint Diseases Education and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey


A modification of the technique of internal bone transport is presented. It decreases bone and soft tissue complications during bone transport, increases patient's comfort, the volume of the fixator is smaller and painful scarring is limited. Nine patients with a mean age of 23.9 years were treated with this technique. The aetiology was tumour, trauma or sequelae of infection. The mean bone loss was 7.2 cm in length. Transportation was achieved with a special pulley system. The mean follow-up time was 18.3 months. The external fixation time ranged from 5 to 13.2 months, the mean distraction index was 12.1 days/cm. The mean length of bone transport done was 6.3 cm. An excellent bone result was obtained in 4 cases, a good result in 4 cases and a fair result in one case. An excellent functional result was obtained in 2 lower extremity cases, a good result in 3 cases. Preoperative DASH scores of the upper extremity cases improved from a mean of 80.1 to a mean of 15.85. Complications were seen in 4 cases.