Acromioclavicular joint reconstruction using the Nottingham Surgilig : A preliminary report

Published online: Apr 27 2008

Rajarshi Bhattacharya, Lorna Goodchild, Amar Rangan

From James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, United Kingdom


Eleven patients with a chronic acromio-clavicular joint disruption underwent acromio-clavicular joint stabilisation using the Nottingham Surgilig and were followed up clinically and radiologically for an average of 24 months post operation. The mean post-operative Constant score was 83.1, the Imatani score was 81.2 and the Walsh score was 14.1. Eighty-two per cent of patients were satisfied with the operation. There was one case of rupture through the central portion of the Surgilig, and following laboratory analysis, the ligament has been modified since. In 4 patients there was evidence of loosening of the screw but only one complained of this being a problem. This short-term outcome analysis of the Nottingham Surgilig is the first such report outside the Nottingham unit where the prosthesis was originally developed. Our results are encouraging and justify further use and evaluation of this relatively new technique.