Flexible intramedullary nailing in the treatment of diaphyseal fractures of the femur in preschool children

Published online: Apr 27 2008

Dieter Mortier, Koen De Ridder

From Sint Augustinus & Sint Jozef Hospitals, Wilrijk / Malle, Belgium


Femur fractures in preschool children are mostly treated in a conservative way, by means of spica cast immobilisation or skin traction. In school age children the use of flexible intramedullary nails (FIN) is widely used and promoted. We performed intramedullary nailing in 9 preschool children aged 1.5-6 years. The mean length of postoperative hospital stay was 4 days (range : 3 to 6). The mean time to solid callus formation was 2.5 months (range : 2 to 3). Follow-up was available in all 9 children for a mean period of 18.9 months (range : 3 to 38). No complications were noted. Flexible intramedullary nailing of femur fractures is a valuable technique in this particular age group. However, further study and long-term follow-up are needed.