Plate osteosynthesis of simple forearm fractures : LCP versus DC plates

Published online: Apr 27 2008

Charles Tjerk Stevens, Henk Jan ten Duis

From the University Medical Centre Groningen, the Netherlands


The aim of this study was to compare the time to radiological bony union of simple A-type fractures of the forearm, treated with either a locking compression plate (LCP) or a dynamic compression plate (DCP). For each fracture, the relation between the use of compression and radiological healing time was studied. Nine fractures were treated with LCP and 10 fractures with DC plates. The mean time to definite radiological bony union in the LCP group was 33 weeks and in the DCP group 22 weeks. Compression was used in 7 fractures in the DCP group and in 3 fractures in the LCP group. The compressed fractures, irrespective of the type of plate, healed 10 weeks faster than the non-compressed fractures. Time to definite radiological bony union of simple A-type fractures does not depend on the type of plate used, but on the application of axial or interfragmentary compression.