Paediatric acetabular fractures: Data from the German Pelvic Trauma Registry Initiative

Published online: Oct 27 2012

Johanna VON HEYDEN, Oliver HAUSCHILD, Peter C. STROHM, Fabian STUBY, Norbert P. SÜDKAMP, Hagen SCHMAL

From the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Freiburg Medical Center, Freiburg, Germany


The aim of this study was to present an analysis of acetabular fractures during childhood as compared to those in adults. Within a multicenter register study, data of 3 time periods (1991-93, 1998-2000, 2004-2008) were pooled and analyzed for incidence, epidemiology, classification, outcome and treatment of acetabular fractures in children (< 15 years). One hundred fifty three children (2.1%) among 7360 patients with pelvic fractures were included in the study. Only 15 children sustained an acetabular fracture (9.8%). Simple fracture types according to Letournels' classification were more frequent in paediatric patients (p < 0.01), receiving less often operative treatment. Multiple injuries were present in 36% of children, the average Injury Severity Score (ISS) of all children was 17 points. Clinical results were good with an average Merle d'Aubigné score of 16.4 points and a Karnofsky performance of 90%. Fractures of the acetabulum in childhood remain a rare injury with distinct fracture characteristics, usually caused by high impact accidents