5 Year Outcomes and Survivorship of the Triathlon Total Knee Replacement : a Cohort Study

Published online: Jun 27 2017

Vikki Wylde et al

From the Musculoskeletal Research Unit, School of Clinical Sciences, University of Bristol


The aim of this study was to determine outcomes and survivorship of the Triathlon knee replacement up to 5 years post-operation. A cohort of 266 patients receiving a Triathlon knee replacement were assessed before surgery and at 3 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and 5 years post-operation. Assessments included patient-reported outcome measures, American Knee Society Score, complications and survivorship. The largest improvements in pain, function, stiffness and knee-related quality of life occurred in the first 3 months post-operation. Further smaller improvements were reported between 3 and 12 months post-operation, and then a plateauing of outcomes was observed up to 5 years. A high percentage of patients (86%) were satisfied with their outcome at 5 years. Survivorship with revision as the endpoint was 96.6% (95% CI 93.2-98.1%) at 5 years post-operation. In conclusion, this study observed good mid-term patient outcomes and survivorship of the Triathlon knee replacement.