Fascial flap surgery for recurrent dorsal ganglion

Published online: Jun 27 2017

Pieter Reyniers et al

From the University Hospitals Leuven campus Pellenberg, Belgium


Recurrence after primary resection of a dorsal wrist ganglion may necessitate a reintervention. A technique was introduced in 2004 in which a flap of the extensor retinaculum is used to cover the defect left in the wrist capsule following repeat radical excision. This retrospective study presents the follow-up 4.6 years after this surgery in 20 patients. Recurrence, grip strength and possible flexion deficit are measured in 13 patients who attended clinic, as well as pain and satisfaction scores. Disability scores have been evaluated in 18 patients. One refractory patient was ascertained. A flexion deficit ≤ 10° was observed in 7 patients. Overall, mild pain, very mild disability, a flexion deficit of 14.2° and a loss of grip strength of 3.6 kg was observed. The retinaculum flap for recurrent dorsal wrist ganglion is a reliable procedure with limited risk for flexion deficit after surgery, high satisfaction rate and low recurrence risk.