Management of greater trochanteric pain syndrome : a systematic review

Published online: Jun 27 2017

S. Koulischer et al

From the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium


Greater trochanteric pain syndrome is characterized by pain at or around the greater trochanter. Numerous management modalities have been proposed, with varying success. Cochrane and Pubmed database have been searched from 1990 for studies focusing on the management of this syndrome. We only selected studies with a validated outcome measure. 11 studies met our inclusion criteria. Evidence points towards a pain reduction in the first months after a corticosteroid injection, but this effect does not persist with time. Low energy shock wave therapy also has a positive effect in the short term, the longer term results being more controversial. Although surgery is poorly documented, authors agree to reserve this option only for greater trochanteric pain syndrome failing to respond to conservative measures. The complication and re-intervention rate should not be underestimated.