Issue 4

Volume 83, December 2017

  • original studies

    • A New 3D Reconstruction Method to Assess Anatomical Restoration in Vertebral Compression Fractures

      David C. Noriega Gonzalez, Gianluca Maestrett, Thomas Mittlmeier, Paul Dufort, Peter-Jürgen Meeder, Antonio Krüger


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    • The appropriate management of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures : a single institute evaluation using the VCF Monitor

      Rupert Schupfner, Herman Stoevelaar


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    • Acute Injuries Sustained by Racing Drivers: A Cross-Sectional Study

      Christos Koutras, Stavros A. Antoniou, Marcus Jäger, Hansjoerg Heep


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    • Antibiotic impregnated cement coated Ilizarov rod for the management of infected non union of long bone

      Tahir A Dar, Shabir A Dhar, Naseer A Mir, Saheel Maajid, Reyaz A. Dar, Abid Hussain


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    • Is parathyroid hormone a viable solution for nonunion? A systematic review and pooled analysis

      Seung-Ju Kim, Hyun-Soo Park, Dong-Woo Lee, Jae-Won Lee


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    • Results of the treatement of intracapsular femoral neck fractures with a new dynamic locking plate

      Dominik Gruszka , Sven-Oliver Dietz , Romy Brodt , Daniel Wagner , Pol Maria Rommens , Raphael Kuechle


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    • Comparison of acetabulum posterior wall fractures and fracture dislocations: dislocation does not affect clinical and radiological outcomes

      Turan Bilge Kizkapan , Abdulhamit Misir, Erdal Uzun , Mustafa Ozcamdalli , Emre Yurdakul , Mahmut Argun


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    • Is there any difference between the biomechanical strengths of the current fixation techniques for comminuted distal patellar fractures? (Comparison of distal patella fracture fixation techniques)

      Onur Kocadal , Murad Pepe , Zafer Gunes , Ertugrul Aksahin , Semra Duran , Cem Nuri Aktekin


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    • Atypical femoral fractures : three cases and a review of literature

      Marno Van Lieshout, Guy Putzeys, Stefan Goemaere, Catherine Van Der Straeten, Emmanuel Audenaert


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    • Fixation of tibial pilon fractures based on column concept :a prospective study

      Mohamed Sameer, Keerthy Chandra Bassetty, V. Singaravadivelu


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    • Do patients with acute isolated pubic ramus fractures have to be hospitalized?

      Ali Turgut , Önder Kalenderer , Ihsan Akan , Gökhan Ilyas , Mert Kumbaraci , Levent Karapinar


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    • Radiation exposure from computed tomography of the upper limbs

      Sorin Daniel Iordache , Natalia Goldberg , Lior Paz , Jacques Peylan , Ran Ben Hur , Adam Steinmetz


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    • The efficacy of 1,2- intercompartmental supraretinacular artery pedicled vascularised bone graft for scaphoid proximal end non-union and avascular necrosis

      Yüksel Özkan , Yavuz Akalın , Nazan Çevik , Gökhan Cansabuncu , Alpaslan Öztürk


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    • The latarjet procedure for anterior shoulder instability : a consecutive prospective series of 50 cases

      Anthony Gough , Paul Guyver , Marieta Franklin , Andrew Murphy


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    • Inter- and intraobserver reliability in the assessment of glenoid fracture classifications

      Dirk P.H. Van Oostveen , Olivier P.P. Temmerman , Steven J. Verberne , Marco J.M. Hoozemans , Bart J. Burger , Harm C.A. Graat , Daniël Hoornenborg , Michiel H.J.M. Van de Rest , Didi Gubler , Arthur Van Noort


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    • The use of suture anchors in akin osteotomy : a new surgical technique

      Cem Yalin Kilinc , Baris Kilinc , Ethem Acar , Rabia Mihriban Kilinc , Serkan Aykut , Ali Oznur


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    • Achievement of primary stability using 3D-CT guided custom design femoral stems in patients with proximal femoral deformity : EBRA-FCA analysis

      Hazem A H Hosny, Sreebala C.M. Srinivasan, Matthew J. Hall, Jonathan Keenan, Helmy Fekry


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    • Neopterin, Interleukin-6, Procalcitonin, C-reactive protein and PET-CT staining as markers in infected total knee prosthesis, a retrospective analysis

      Kocturk Yildirim , Abdulhamit Misir , Turan Bilge Kizkapan , Mustafa Ozcamdalli , Fuat Duygulu


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    • Cement anchors with screw holes for liner cementation into cementless acetabular metal shells

      Nobuhiro Kaku, Masashi Hirakawa, Katsutoshi Hara, Tomonori Tabata, Hiroshi Tsumura


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    • Bilateral early knee osteoarthritis treated with unilateral proximal tibial osteotomy and contralateral non-surgical technique

      Chi-Chuan Wu


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    • Is there any correlation between short-term MRI and mid-term clinical resultsin patients undergoing an Osteochondral Autograft in the knee?

      David Figueroa , Francisco Figueroa , Rafael Calvo , Nicolás Zilleruelo , Gonzalo Serrano , Sergio Arellano


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    • Tibial component in total knee replacement :the effect of overhang and sizing on outcome

      Knud Foubert, Steven Heylen, Philip Plaeke, Johan Somville, Paul Nicolai


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    • Vitamin D deficiency is associated with longer hospital stay and lower functionaloutcome after total knee arthroplasty

      J.r. Joris, A. Jansen, J. Tahmassebi, F.S. Haddad


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    • Comparison of Isokinetic Muscle Strength and Clinical Outcomebetween Isolated and Combined PCL Reconstruction

      Jin Goo Kim, MD, Yong Seuk Lee, Sang Jin Yang, Hyun Woo Lim, Kwan Jae Cho


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    • Which unicondylar prosthesis is better in the mid-term in obese patients : fixed or mobile?

      Ersin Kuyucu , Adnan Kara, Ferhat Say , Mehmet Erdil , Ahmet Murat Bülbül


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    • Open meniscus repair in full and partial horizontal meniscal lesions : a biomechanical cadaver study

      Felix W.A. Waibel, Elias Bachmann, Arnd F. Viehöfer, Katharina Schürholz, Jess G. Snedeker, Sandro F. Fucentese


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    • Is there a difference in outcome between two types of valgus unloading braces? A randomized controlled trial

      N. van Egmond , S. van Grinsven, C.J.M. van Loon


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