Issue 1

Volume 84, March 2018

  • Original studies

    • The outcome of patients with cultured pathogens at time of nonunion surgery

      David P. Taormina, Brandon S. Shulman, James H. Lee, Raj J. Karia, Alejandro I. Marcano , Kenneth A. Egol


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    • Pulsed electric fields reduce bacterial attachment to stainless steel plates

      Ernesto Muñoz-Mahamud , Araceli González-Cuevas , Josep M. Sierra , Vicenç Diaz -Brito, Adrián B ermúdes , Alex Soriano , Juan Castellanos , Lluis Font -Vizcarra


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    • Diagnostic pitfalls in the differentiation between pyoderma gangrenosum and necrotizing fasciitis

      Yves Fortems , Pieter De Witte , Erwin Jansegers


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    • Treatment of chronic osteomyelitis with antibiotic-loaded bone void filler systems: an experience with hydroxyapatites calcium-sulfate biomaterials

      Jacopo Visani , Eric L. Staals , Davide Donati


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    • Comparison of fine needle aspiration and core needle biopsy in the diagnosis of bone tumours

      Pedro Filipe Cardoso , João Esteves , Vânia Oliveira , Ricardo Rodrigues -Pinto


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    • Vascularized fibular autograft as salvage technique in failure of allograft intercalary reconstructions after tumor resections

      Biazzo A, Romantini M, De Paolis M, Manfrini M, Donati D


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    • Arthroscopic treatment of greater tuberosity fractures : retrospective review of clinical and radiological outcomes

      Sungwook Choi , Inseok Son , Myung Jae Hyun , Jong-Hwan Bae , Hyunseong Kang


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    • Systematic review and Meta-analysis on acromioplasty in arthroscopic repair of full-thickness rotator cuff tears

      Zhengyu Sun , Weili Fu , Xin Tang , Gang Chen , Jian Li


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    • Anatomically based classification of medial clavicle fractures

      Alexander Van Tongel , Arnaud Toussaint , Sofie Herregods , Stijn Van Damme , Jesse Marrannes , Lieven De Wilde


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    • Association between the capitate-triquetrum distance and carpal collapse in static scapholunate instability

      Anastasios Dimitriadis , George Paraskevas , Panagiotis Kanavaros , Alexandra Barbouti , Aristeidis Vrettakos , Panagiotis Kitsoulis


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    • Spontaneous posterior shoulder dislocation as the first symptom of a Charcot arthropathy

      Jacques Hernigou , Sofiane Boulares , Olivier Delahaut


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    • Sonography-guided arthroscopic excision is more effective for treating volar wrist ganglion than dorsal wrist ganglion

      Michiro Yamamoto , Shigeru Kurimoto , Katsuyuki Iwatsuki , Takanobu Nishizuka , Michael T. Nolte , Hitoshi Hirata


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    • Outcomes of primary surgical repair of zone 2 dDigital nerve injury

      Erdinç Acar, Faik Turkmen, Ismail H. Korucu, Mert Karaduman, Nazim Karalezli


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    • Evaluation of Moebius syndrome with hand manifestations

      Bekir Eray Kilinc , Philip McClure , Lesley Butter , Scott Oishi


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    • Internal fixation with Kirschner wires is as efficient as rigid screw fixation in scaphoid fracture: long-term functional outcome

      Ziping Jiang , Jianli Cui , Xu Gong , Laijin Lu


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    • Vertebroplasty (PVP) is effective in the treatment of painful vertebral hemangiomas

      Agnieszka Saracen , Zbigniew Kotwica


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    • Comparison of two temporary fixation techniques for the treatment of type II odontoid fracture

      Lin-nan Wang , Tao Li , Xi Yang , Lei Wang , Li-min Liu , Hao Liu , Yue-ming Song


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