Clinical results of cervical disc replacement with the Baguera C prosthesis after two years follow-up


Cervical disc degenerative disease ; cervical arthroplasty ; cervical disc herniation

Published online: Sep 30 2018

Patrick Fransen , Niels Hansen -Algenstaedt , Athanasos Chatzisotiriou , David Cesar Gonzalez Noriega , Vincent Pointillart

From the Department of Neurosurgery, Clinique du Parc Léopold CHIREC, Brussels, Belgium


We studied pain, neurological, and functional outcomes of one and two-levels cervical arthroplasties using a semi-constrained prosthesis for symptomatic cervical degenerative discopathies.

Retrospective analysis of 95 patients in a multicentric registry over 2 years FU.

Implant-related complications, subsequent surgery and neurological deterioration were not observed. After two years, improvement of > 20% of the NDI was observed in 81.8%, of > 20% of the neck pain in 75.5% and of 20% in arm pain in 77.6%. A > 15% QOL improvement (SF 36 questionnaire) was recorded in 76.5% (physical) and in 77,6% (mental). Greater benefits of cervical arthroplasty were observed in patients under 50 without previous surgeries and with preoperative NDI > 30%, confirming a safe and effective technique