Surgical options in the management of landmine blast injuries of lower limb: a randomised prospective study


landmine blast; amputation; debridement; flap.

Published online: Apr 24 2019

Rohit Varma, Naresh Chander Arora, Sanjay Rai, Amit Chaudhary, Sunit Wani


Landmine blast injuries are high velocity shattering injuries that produce ghastly and gory wounds, presenting a dilemma to the treating surgeon, especially when the literature on this subject is
limited. The aim of the present study is to enlist various surgical procedures that can be explored to treat such complex injuries. 60 cases having varied degrees of involvement of the lower limb from mine blasts were managed. Surgical treatment was tailored to the individual requirement depending on the extent and severity of injury. Serial surgical wound debridement was an integral part of all these procedures. Limb length preservation was possible in 70% cases. A combination of surgical approaches and procedures from fixation to different types of amputations can be employed for treating mine blast injuries to maximise residual limb function.