Radiohamate impingement after proximal row carpectomy ‘Radiohamate impingement PRC’


Radiohamate ; impingement ; proximal row carpectomy

Published online: May 29 2020

Pieter Caekebeke, Luc De Smet

From the Department of Orthopaedics UZ Leuven, Pellenberg, Belgium


Radiocarpal impingement after PRC is a well-known complication due to impingement of the radial styloid against the radial carpal bones. A less common impingement syndrome is that of the pisiforme. We describe a radiohamate impingement and its diagnosis and treatment. Based on a case we saw at our practice. Diagnosis is bases on standard radiographs and SPECT-CT. The treatment is initially conservative. Surgery is necessary when conservative treatment fails and consists of resectie of the proximal pole of the hamate.