e-Supplement 3

Volume 86, September 2020

  • Original studies

    • First carpometacarpal joint osteoarthritis : trapeziectomy with ligament reconstruction and tendon interposition versus ball-and-socket arthroplasty

      Luís Henrique Barros, Sérgio Figueiredo, Cláudia Rodrigues, Alexandre Pereira, Miguel Trigueiros, César Silva


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    • A review of outcomes following surgical fixation of adult capitellum fractures : a six-year case series

      Levent Bayam, Mohammed S. Arshad, Prathap Kumar, Philip R. Wykes, James G. Warner, Stephen P. Hodgson


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    • Revision arthroplasty: the effect on renal function

      Mark Berney, John Quinlan


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    • A painful problem : trochanteric bursitis following total hip arthroplasty

      Mark Berney, Andrea Bowe, Mark Quinn, John Quinlan


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    • Virtual fracture clinic-two year follow up of paediatric patients directly discharged from emergency department with orthopaedic injuries

      Breathnach Oisin, O’Reilly Marc, Carroll Patrick, Breathnach Aisling, Timoney James, Conlon Breda, Sheehan Eoin


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    • Excellent midterm clinical outcomes and restoration of native hip anatomy with a calcar guided short femoral stem in cementless THA

      Roland S. Camenzind, Dimitris Dimitriou, Marion Röthlisberger, Alexander Antoniadis, Näder Helmy


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    • Clinical and radiological short-term results for a calcar-guided short stem : multicentre study of 879 cases

      Roland Stefan Camenzind, Karl Philipp Kutzner, Sabine Mai, Franziska Juch, Dominique Bosson, Näder Helmy


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    • Surgical results of one-stage arthroscopic repair of rotator cuff tears with adhesive capsulitis using anterior or global capsular release

      Tai-Yuan Chuang, Yi-Jie Kuo, Chian-Her Lee, Ming-Jr Tsai


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    • Cost effectiveness of two-stage algorithm (prolotherapy injections prior to total knee arthroplasty) in the management of advanced stage knee osteoarthritis in the geriatric population

      Deniz Gül, Serkan Akpancar, Osman Demir


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    • Intra-articular ganglion cyst of cruciate ligaments of knee : arthroscopic and conservative treatment

      Gokhan Karahan, Murat Gok, Huseyin Kaya, Cemil Kayal?, Kamil Yamak


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    • Long-term results of total hip arthroplasty with transverse subtrochanteric shortening osteotomy in developmental high dislocation of the hip

      Murat Köken, Berk Güçlü, İlker Çetİn


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    • Osteonecrosis in the lunate bone in the presence of palmar lunate dislocation in rheumatic patients

      Claudia Lamas-Gómez, Ignasi Gich-Saladich, Silvia Bagué-Rosell, Marta Almenara-Fernández, Xavier Aguilera-Roig


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    • Prolotherapy as a treatment choice for lateral ankle ligament injuries in elite athletes : a case series

      Dror Maor, Mary H. Jones, Justin C. Lee, Andrew J. Dunn, Andy M. Williams, James D.F. Calder


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    • Is Parkinson's disease associated with worse outcomes following hip replacement for treatment of acute hip fracture?

      James Pallot, Maziar Mohaddes, Daniel Odin, Cecilia Rogmark, Peter Cnudde


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    • Complications after plating of articular pilon fractures : a comparison of anteromedial, anterolateral, and medial plating

      Alfonso Queipo-de-Llano, Carlos Jimenez-Garrido, Francisco de Borja Delgado-Rufino, Jorge Mariscal-Lara, I. Rodriguez-Delourme


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    • Long term results of rotating hinge total knee arthroplasty in complex primary and revision cases

      Ashok Rajgopal, Utkarsh Agrawal


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    • Carpal tunnel release surgery at a young age indicates need for diabetes mellitus screening

      Haggai Schermann, Benjamin Fedida, Adi Winsteen, Alon Grundshtein, Assaf Kadar, Oleg Dolkart, Yishay Rosenblatt, Tamir Pritsch


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    • Birmingham hip resurfacing and the ASR at a minimum of 10 years : a prospective cohort study

      Gerard A. Sheridan, Raymond M. Kelly, Kevin Mc Sorley, Fionnuala M. Walsh, John M. O’Byrne, Patrick J. Kenny


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    • Is presence of patella baja a cause for pain and functional problems after total knee replacement ? A 10 year follow-up study

      Brinda Somanchi, Edward Bayley, Simon Pickering


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    • New anesthetic method for trigger finger surgery

      Ali Cagri Tekin, Volkan Ozen, Bulent Karslioglu, Mehmet Mutlu, Hakan Gurbuz, Esra Tekin


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    • Cobalt related cardiomyopathy in hip arthroplasty is a complication of concern. A review of published evidence

      Muhammad Umar, Noman Jahangir, Muhammad Faisal Khan, Zobia Saeed, Farina Sultan, Ayyaz Sultan


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    • Hip arthroscopy current advances

      Andrea Volpin, Carla Maden, Carlo Biz, Fahad Hossain, Luigi Zagra, Sujith Konan


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    • Distal Chevron versus Scarf for hallux valgus. A comprehensive meta-analysis of comparative studies

      Kaissar Yammine, Karl Boulos, Chahine Assi


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    • Modified tension band wiring in patella fractures : Kirschner wire bending at both ends prevents from loss of reduction and revision surgery

      Diane J.Y. Yoon, Pierre Boutroux, Alexandre Boceno, Jean-Baptiste Marchand, Mathieu Severyns, Guillaume-Anthony Odri


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