Primary bone and soft tissue tumours : epidemiological data from a non-referral teaching department in Belgium


Primary bone and soft tissue tumours ; non-referral department ; epidemiology

Published online: Feb 13 2021

Loïc Vercruysse, Arne Decramer, Jan Noyez

From the Department of Orthopaedics, AZ Delta, Roeselare, Belgium


Primary bone and soft tissue tumours are rare in a non-referral teaching department. The incidence varies greatly among the different subtypes and every Orthopaedic surgeon will encounter one or more benign or malignant lesions during their careers. History, clinical examination and technical investigations are of great importance, but basic knowledge and basic principles are necessary for a correct clinical practice. It was the purpose of this study to raise awareness towards such pathology by exemplifying our cases from a two-year period in our community-based hospital and if necessary, to refer patients to specialised sarcoma centres.