Issue 4

Volume 86, December 2020

  • Original studies

    • In Memoriam : Robert Danis, an inspiration for Maurice Müller and origins of the AO Foundation

      Jan Dauwe, Stefaan Nijs, Boyko Gueorguiev, R. Geoff Richards


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    • Introduction of the orthogeriatric co-management model increases the quality of care : a pilot study

      Siddhartha Lieten, Karen Pien, Sven Van Laere, Bert Bravenboer, Thierry Scheerlinck


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    • Do we publish what we present? The publication rate of a national arthroscopy society and a review of the literature

      Jan Jaap De Graeff, Bauke W. Kooistra, Joris E.J. Bekkers, Frank W. Bloemers, Matthijs P. Somford, Max Reijman, Duncan E. Meuffels, Michel P.J. Van Den Bekerom


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    • Natural history of shelf gap and paleo-acetabular depth after shelf acetabuloplasty for Perthes disease

      Giovanni Caruso, Romeo Haoudou, Jean Schrooyen, Corentin Malherbe, Pierre-Louis Docquier


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    • Challenges of the induced-membrane technique in the reconstruction of traumatic tibial defect with limited resources : a cohort study

      Laurent Mathieu, Loïc Potier, René Ndiaye, Camille Choufani, Elimane Mbaye, Coumba-Diouf Niang


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    • Alpha-defensin for the intra-operative diagnosis of prosthetic joint infections

      Aimé-Constant Obiang, France Laurent, Kathleen Thayse, Camélia Rossi, Xavier Collard


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    • Chronic Mycobacterium kansasii tenosynovitis in an immunocompromised host : case report

      Laura Lemmens, Nathalie Van Beek, Luk Corluy, Stefaan Verfaillie


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    • Acute leg compartment syndrome after CT-guided core needle biopsy of a giant cell tumor of the proximal fibula

      Kevin Moerenhout, Georgios Gkagkalis, Patrick Omoumi, Stephane Cherix


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    • Comparable clinical and radiographical outcomes between second and third generation of gamma nails

      Lode Holsters, Simon van Laarhoven, Rik J.M. Bruls, Bob Jong, Martijn G.M. Schotanus, Pieter B.J. Tilman


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    • Debridement, antibiotics, irrigation and retention in prosthetic joint infection : predictive tools of failure

      Daniel Morcillo, Christine Detrembleur, Hervé Poilvache, Maïté Van Cauter, Jean Cyr Yombi, Olivier Cornu


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    • Preoperative planning of Total Hip Arthroplasty. Must this essential part of the procedure be necessarily performed by the orthopedic surgeon? A prospective study about 100 Corail ® Hip System

      Thierry Thirion, Pierre Georis, Zoé Szecel, Philippe Gillet


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    • A comparative study of Osteal ® stem subsidence using EBRA-FCA ® method and a specific and original analysis model developed with the Imagika ® software

      Thierry Thirion, Pierre Georis


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    • Medium-term outcome with contemporary mobile-bearing implants : results from a retrospective multicentre study

      Michiel Van Parys, Anton Borms, Bart Vundelinckx, Koen Bulterys, Jo De Schepper


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    • Efficacy of total knee arthroplasty (TKA) revision surgery depends upon the indication for revision : a systematic review

      Michiel Cromheecke, Maarten Missinne, Stefaan Van Onsem, Jan Victor, Nele Arnout


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    • The quality of life of patients with patellofemoral pain – a systematic review

      Levi Reijnders, Sebastiaan A.W. van de Groes


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    • A neuro-anatomically grounded scheme for LIA gives superior analgesia and comfort levels compared to epidural analgesia until seven days after total knee arthroplasty

      Alain F. Kalmar, Philippe Van Overschelde, Pieter Byn, Seth Pennynck, Henk Vanoverschelde


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    • Surgical repair of a tibialis anterior tendon rupture : a case report

      Adonis Safar, Olivier Bath, Jacques Hernigou, Eric Moest, Renaud Maes, Antoine Callewier


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    • Os acromiale : literature review and treatment options

      Ugo Breda, Ghady El Khoury, Etienne Willemart, Tom De Baere


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    • How reliable are imaging protocols in the diagnosis of subscapularis tears?

      Gert Dirkx, Nicole Pouliart


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    • Accuracy and safety of the endoscopic repair of the distal biceps : a cadaveric study

      Pieter Caekebeke, Leesa Galatz, Roger van Riet


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    • Three-Corner Arthrodesis (lunate – hamate – capitate) : clinical and kinematical evaluation

      Mathias Colman, Wissam El Kazzi, Patrick Salvia, Véronique Feipel, Frédéric Schuind


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