Issue 1

Volume 87, March 2021

  • Original studies

    • Differential diagnosis of acute traumatic hip pain in the elderly

      Matthew Hampton, Richard Stevens, Adrian Highland, Richard Gibson, Mark B. Davies


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    • Low blood transfusion rate after implementation of tranexamic acid for fast- track hip- and knee arthroplasty. An observational study of 5205 patients

      Yoeri Bemelmans, Emil Van Haaren, Bert Boonen, Roel Hendrickx, Martijn Schotanus


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    • The majority of conversion total hip arthroplasties can be considered primary replacements - a matched cohort study

      Georges Vles, Luke Simmonds, Mark Roussot, Andrea Volpin, Fares Haddad, Sujith Konan


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    • Spontaneous subcapital femoral neck fracture complicating osteonecrosis of femoral head

      Sumit Arora, Manoj Kumar, Yasim Khan, Nitish Bansal, Swati Gupta, Jatin Talwar, Vinod Kumar, Lalit Maini


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    • Dual mobility versus unipolar total hip arthroplasty for neck of femur fractures : a single centre study

      Zain Sadozai, Richard Limb, Syed Awais Bokhari, Aaron Ng, Manjit Bhamra


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    • Fracture risk during extraction of well-fixed extended cementless stems : porous versus hydroxyapatite coated

      Frederik Matthys, Jan Van Meirhaeghe, Christophe Pattyn


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    • Characteristics of femoroacetabular impingement morphology and relation with skeletal maturity among asymptomatic adolescents

      Mehmet Kaymakoglu, Raziye Dut, Duygu Imre, Fatma Bilge Ergen, Mehmet Ali Talmac, Cemalettin Aksoy


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    • Subcuticular sutures versus staples for skin closure after primary hip arthroplasty

      Hany Elbardesy, Rehan Gul, Shane Guerin


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    • Inter and intra-observer errors for postoperative total hip radiographic assessment using computer aided design

      Adnan Faraj, Mark Andrews, Weiguang Li


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    • Bicruciate retaining total knee arthroplasty : results throughout history

      Jef De Mulder, Pieter Berger, Hilde Vandenneucker


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    • Treatment of open tibia fractures in Sub-Saharan African countries : a systematic review

      Kouamé Jean-Eric Kouassi, Julie Manon, Loïc Fonkoue, Christine Detrembleur, Olivier Cornu


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    • The partial femoral condyle focal resurfacing (HemiCAP-UniCAP) for treatment of full-thickness cartilage defects, systematic review and meta-analysis

      Hany Elbardesy, Matthew Nagle, Lydia Simmons, James Harty


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    • Influence of outpatient total knee arthroplasty compared to inpatient surgery on medical and economic outcomes

      Vincent Tomasi, Alex Demurie, Ignace Ghijselings, Olivier Cornu, Hans Van Den Wyngaert


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    • Outcomes of distal femoral arthroplasty after periprosthetic fractures : minimum 2-year follow-up

      Y. Warschawski, S. Garceau, M. Bonyun, O. Dahduli, J. Wolfstadt, D. Backstein


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    • Return to sport and work after medial open wedge high tibial osteotomy : a case series

      Francis De Neve, Brecht Braems, Milan Holvoet, Marie-Angélique De Scheerder, Nele Arnout, Jan Victor


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    • Solving the enigma of posterolateral tibial plateau fractures, the clue protocol

      Radwan G. Metwaly, Zeiad M. Zakaria, Mohamed A. Elgebeily, Hany El Zahlawy


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    • Functional outcome of ligament reconstruction with tendon interposition after failed first carpometacarpal joint prosthesis

      Lyne Anthonissen, Elke Van Eynde, Maarten Van Nuffel, Luc De Smet


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    • Functional and radiological outcome after forearm plating in children and adolescent fracture

      Paul Cremer, Audrey Angelliaume, Abdelfetah Lalioui, Gabriel Cellarier, Luke Harper, Yan Lefevre


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    • Improved long-term functional outcome after a latissimus dorsi transfer with or without subscapularis muscle lengthening or release

      Stijn De Joode, Lazin Germawi, Martijn Schotanus, Juul Van der Lingen, Tom Van Mulken, Ferry Van Nie, Steven Samijo


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    • Children with supracondylar humerus fractures have an increased risk of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

      Erdinç Genç, Herdem Aslan Genç, Gresa Carkaxhiu Bulut


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    • Proximal femoral derotation osteotomy in children with CP : long term outcome and the role of age at time of surgery

      Lieven Vermuyten, Katleen Desloovere, Guy Molenaers, Anja Van Campenhout


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    • Intra operative assessment of the coronal balance in spinal deformity surgery : a technical note and retrospective study

      Thibault Dewilde, Sebastiaan Schelfaut, Sven Bamps, Matthias Papen, Pierre Moens


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    • Is the AO spine thoracolumbar injury classification system reliable and practical? a systematic review

      Zion Hwang, James Houston, Evangelos M. Fragakis, Cristina Lupu, Jason Bernard, Tim Bishop, Darren F. Lui


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    • Implant failure following pedicle based dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine

      Hans Schauvliege, Marc Du Bois, Jan Verlooy


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    • Big and deep seated lipomatous tumours in children : results of surgical treatment

      Emin Özkul, Serhat Elçi, Muhsin Elçi, Celil Alemdar


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