Issue 1

Volume 88, March 2022

  • Original studies

    • Anthropometric three-dimensional computed tomography reconstruction measurements of the acetabulum in children/adolescents

      Ali Darwich, Mohamad Bdeir, Sonja Janssen, Stefan Schoenberg, Sascha Gravius, Ahmed Jawhar


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    • Pilot study: To assess feasibility and tolerability of a minimal invasive implantable PEEK device for prevention of contralateral osteoporotic hip fracture

      Pieter Reynders-Frederix, Dragos Schiopu, Maurice Malissard, Marc Jayankura, Frédéric Sibilla, Jean-Charles Le Huec


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    • Endoscopic fascia lata release for treatment of gluteal tendinopathy: a prospective study with a follow-up of 6 months to 1 year

      Renaud Maes, Adonis Safar, Amine Ferchichi, Antoine Callewier, Jacques Hernigou


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    • Blood loss and transfusion rates following total hip arthroplasty: a multivariate analysis

      Amogh Patil, Benjamin Michael Sephton, Thomas Ashdown, Peyman Bakhshayesh


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    • Total hip arthroplasty with a superior approach and in situ preparation of the femoral stem: technique and feasibility in a prospective series of 80 cases

      Wouter Sioen, Tom Lattré, Steven Parmentier, Kurt Claeys


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    • Adverse local tissue reaction after ceramic-on-ceramic total hip arthroplasty

      Jérôme Valcarenghi, Nicolas Poinot, Pierre-Bernard Verstraeten, Esfandiar Chahidi, Benoit Caufriez, Vincent Costenoble, Xavier Collard


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    • Improved joint awareness two years after total knee arthroplasty with a handheld image-free robotic system

      Ward Eerens, Peter Bollars, Marie-Elise Henckes, Martijn Schotanus, Jan Mievis, Daniël Janssen


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    • Comparison of weight-based versus standard dosing of tranexamic acid for blood loss and transfusion amount in knee arthroplasty without tourniquet

      Olcay Guler, Engin Çarkcı, Mehmet Halis Çerci, Gürkan Gümüşsuyu, Çağatay Öztürk


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    • CORIN KneeTec DeepDishTM: Functional outcomes after a follow-up of 12 months and comparison with the STRYKER Triathlon PS

      Maxime Lefèvre, Jules Cavailhès, Clément Ferri, François Sirveaux, Olivier Roche, Laurent Galois


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    • The functional outcome after tumor resection and endoprosthesis around the knee: a systematic review

      Oluwaseyi Idowu, Kehinde Oluwadiya, Samuel Eyesan, Mohamad Nasser, Michelle Maden, Adesegun Abudu


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    • Treatment of congenital bipartite patella in pediatric population - a systematic review of the published studies

      Venla Soini, Arimatias Raitio, Ella Virkki, Johanna Syvänen


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    • Impact of job characteristics on return-to-work interval following arthroscopic partial meniscectomy

      Jef Van Doninck, Dries Van Doninck, Lyndon Sprenghers, Elke Peeters, Marc Du Bois


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    • Early aseptic loosening of the tibial component at the cement-implant interface in total knee arthroplasty: a narrative overview of potentially associated factors

      Teun J.M. van Otten, Corné J.M. van Loon


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    • Incidence and effectiveness of manipulation under anaesthesia for stiffness following primary total knee arthroplasty

      R. Sridhar, Umair Firdos Tanki, Anuj Jain, Simon Thomas, Shekhar Agarwal, Nikhil Verma


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    • Ankle arthrodesis in patients with haemophilia-associated ankle arthropathy - does the technique influence the outcome?

      Nemandra A. Sandiford, Fabian Wong, Diane L. Back, Oliver Chan


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    • Calcaneogenesis: the use of tibial bone transport for treatment of massively infected hindfoot defects

      Waleed Ahmed Mekki, Nikolay Mikhailovich Kliushin, Anatoliy Sergeyevich Sudnitsyn


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    • Arthrodesis of the first metatarsophalangeal joint using an intraosseous fixation device

      Hannes E. Tytgat, Sander Wuite, Giovanni A. Matricali


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    • Kinesiotaping therapy for midshaft clavicular fractures: a randomised trial study

      Suleyman Semih Dedeoglu, Yunus Imren, Bulent Karslioglu, Ahmet Keskin, Sevgi Atar, Kerem Bilsel


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    • Non operative management of fractures of the humerus Evaluation of a new extension casting method

      L. Prakash, Shabir A Dhar


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    • Distal biceps tendon ruptures: more efficient diagnostics for a better outcome

      Miguel Deschrijver, Arne Hautekiet, Adelheid Steyaert, Martine De Muynck, Els Luypaert


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    • The use of the internal joint stabiliser for elbow instability Report of two cases and systematic review

      Robert W. Jordan, Shahbaz S. Malik, Alistair Jones, Mohammed Remtulla, Peter D’Alessandro, Gunaratnam Shyamalan


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    • Effect of splint on pain, function and quality of life in trapeziometacarpal osteoarthritis patients?

      C. Gabriel, O. Barbier, M. David, J. Manon, C. Detrembleur, X. Libouton


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    • Osteonecrosis of the trapezium: a case report and review of the literature

      Gautier Beckers, David Mazy, Katerina Cermak, Sophie Van den Dungen, Olivier Van Nieuwenhove, Louis Kinnen


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    • An analysis of cases presenting with a mass in the hand and an evaluation of treatment methods

      Hasan Ulas Ogur, Atilla Arik, Emin Kapi, Hakan Cicek, Firat Seyfettinoglu, Mustafa Bulut


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    • Lower limb deformities and limb length discrepancies in hereditary multiple exostoses

      Alexandre Madoki, Clément Tuerlinckx, Gauthier Rausin, Kevin Guiraud, Pierre-Louis Docquier


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    • Mono-articular idiopathic heterotopic ossification in a Coronavirus infected patient admitted in the intensive care unit

      Colette Minjauw, Delphine Wautier, Meni Mundama


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    • The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on hip fracture care: our experience at the University Hospitals of Leicester (UHL)

      Sagar Sharma, Mona Qasim, Amit Bishnoi


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