Issue 3

Volume 88, September 2022

  • In memoriam

    • In Memoriam Jacques Rogge

      R. Verdonk


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  • Original studies

    • Long- versus short-segment fixation with an index vertebral screw for management of thoracolumbar fractures

      Hamdy Tammam, Amer Alkot, Ahmed M Ahmed, Elsayed Said


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    • Postfusion effect on pullout strength of pedicle screws with expandablepeek shell and conventional screws

      Mehmet Fatih Aycan, Arslan Kağan Arslan, Yunus Uslan, Teyfik Demir


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    • Safe and dangerous zones for the superficial femoral artery in femoral surgery

      Murat Yilmaz, Mahmud Aydin, Mehmet Ersin, Mehmet Ekinci


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    • Comparison of clinical outcomes of autologous bone graft versus pronator quadratus pedicled vascularized bone graft in the treatment of scaphoid nonunion

      Mustafa Abdullah Özdemir, Serkan Bayram, Ömer Ayik, Tuna Pehlivanoglu, Ahmet Salduz, Turgut Akgül, Hayati Durmaz


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    • How can postoperative shoulder imbalance be prevented in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis type 2?

      Clara Berlin, Markus Quante, Björn Thomsen, Mark Koeszegvary, Ferenc Pecsi, Henry Halm


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    • The prevalence and risk factors of dislocation after primary total hip arthroplasty

      Yujian Ding, Dehong Feng, Yi Liu, Jianrui Gao, Ling Wang, Yaxin Li, Yu Guo, Fenglin Tang


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    • Gorham Stout disease: 3 additional cases with 2 very rare polyostotic diseases

      André Claude Mbaga, Charles-Edouard Verhelle, Solange de Wouters, Olivier Barbier, Laurence Boon, Pierre-Louis Docquier


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    • Clinical and MRI outcomes of subacromial impingement syndrome with conservative treatment: a 21-month prospective study

      Antoine Ferenczi, David Petrover, Raphael Nectoux, Philippe Orcel, Jean-Denis Laredo, Johann Beaudreuil


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    • Is annular repair technique useful for reducing reherniation and reoperation after limited discectomy?

      Qiang Zhang, Jilei Tang, Yuqing Jiang, Gongming Gao, Yu Liang


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    • Meniscal extrusion under increasing varus in stress patients with a medial meniscus posterior root-tear

      Yiftah Beer, Ron Gilat, Oleg Lysyy, Moshe Ayalon, Gabriel Agar, Dror Lindner


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    • Coracoid fracture caused by lifting a heavy object: a rare clinical presentation

      Anil Gulcu


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    • Total cementless unconstrained hip arthroplasty in Crowe type IV hip dysplasia with subtrochentric derotation osteotomy

      Fady Michael Fahmy Ibrahim, Saleh Gameel


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    • IC-Type Electric stimulation for delayed bone healing: monocentric evaluation over eight years of experience

      Kristof Kempenaers, Toon Claes, Nathalie Van Beek, Steven Claes


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    • Return to sports after bucket handle medial meniscus tear repair using inside out technique in recreational sports players

      Vatsal Khetan, Neel Shah, Bhushan Sabnis, Sajeer Usman, Anant Joshi


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    • Assessment of the endoprosthesis offset in a dysplastic coxarthrosis

      Kamil Kołodziejczyk, Adam Czwojdziński, Andrzej Sionek, Jarosław Czubak


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    • Correlations in radiographic and MAKO Total Knee Robotic-Assisted Surgery intraoperative limb coronal alignment

      Laura Loomans, Niels Debaenst, Dorien Leirs, Geert Leirs


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    • Treatment of bone cysts by percutaneous injection of demineralized bone matrix mixed with bone marrow

      Stéphanie Meirlaen, Romeo Haoudou, Quentin Thiteux, Laura Bellanova, Pierre-Louis Docquier


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    • Limb salvage results of Gustilo IIIC fractures of the lower extremity

      Emre Ozmen, Halil İbrahim Balci, Ahmet Salduz, İbrahim Levent Eralp


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    • Improving postoperative analgesia in hallux valgus surgery: oral opioids suppression by addition of a single transdermal fentanyl patch: a prospective evaluation

      Geoffroy Vandeputte, Annelies Eeckhoudt, Nick Van Opstal, Jan Victor


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    • Bilateral osteochondritis dissecans of the shoulder

      Barbara J. C. Favier, Daniël M. C. Janssen


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    • Separation of congenital embryonic syndactylies in children: dorsal or volar flap? About a comparative retrospective series

      A. Bruyere , M. Delord, P. Vernet, P. Loréa, P. Gicquel, JM. Clavert, L. Schneider, F. Moutet, E. Sauleau, A. Forli, S. Facca


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    • Distal fixation modular stem hemiarthroplasty versus proximal femoral nailing for unstable intertrochanteric fractures: a retrospective cohort study

      Zekeriya Ersin Çelen, Oktay Gazi


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    • Oral L-arginine supplementation for fracture healing: a systematic review of preclinical studies

      Anissa Feby Canintika, Ismail Hadisoebroto Dilogo, Guntur Utama Putera, Muhammad Yafidy


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    • Metaphyseal fixation in revision knee arthroplasty: a systematic review of the literature and meta-analysis of mid-long-term outcomes of metaphyseal sleeves and cones

      Monketh Jaibaji, Mark Sohatee, Andrea Volpin, Sujith Konan


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    • Does early repair of traumatic rotator cuff tears provide better outcomes? A systematic review

      Iosafat Pinto, Nikolaos Patsiogiannis, Antonios M. Koumpias, David Limb, Peter Giannoudis


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    • Results of the total wrist arthrodesis with contoured plate in a series of 41 wrists with median follow-up of 6 years

      Luis Rodríguez-Nogué, Gregorio Martínez-Villén


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