Issue 4

Volume 88, December 2022

  • Original studies

    • Survey regarding prevention of surgical site infection after orthopaedic surgery in Belgium: are we on the right track?

      Mathieu Raad, Maïte Van Cauter, Christine Detrembleur, Olivier Cornu, Guillaume Vandemeulebroecke


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    • Vertebral sarcoidosis: diagnosis to management

      Hanene Lassoued Ferjani, Safa Rahmouni, Dorra Ben Nessib, Wafa Triki, Kaouther Maatallah, Dhia Kaffel, Wafa Hamdi


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    • Local anesthesia, epidural anesthesia and general anesthesia comparison in lumbar disc herniation: a network meta-analysis

      Wei Wang, Bin-bin Ni, Hao Shen, Hua Lu


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    • Prevertebral soft tissue swelling after anterior cervical internal fixation at different segments: a retrospective study

      Jianqiang Dai, Han Liu, Kun Chen, Xuejiu Cai, Liangda Zhang, Qing-shui Yin


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    • Cervical spine injuries in spinal ankylosing disorders: results of single-stage posterior stabilization without posterolateral fusion

      Roslind Karolina Hackenberg, Kristian Welle, Martin Gathen, Adnan Kasapovic, Michael Kehrer, Koroush Kabir


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    • Analysis on the correlation between the occurrence of vertebral artery ostium stenosis and the severity of osteoporosis in elderly patients with atherosclerosis

      Zhongyong Peng, Songqiang Tao, Yuanliang Liu, Ping Sun, Ling Gong, Ying Bai, Taifeng Tang


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    • Hyaluronic acid as an alternative treatment option for degenerative rotator cuff tears

      Philip Tack, Sofie Vanhaverbeke, Lieven De Wilde, Alexander Van Tongel


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    • The role of physical activity as conservative treatment for massive rotator cuff tears in elderly patients: a systematic review

      Lorenzo Alirio Diaz Balzani, Rocco Papalia, Anna Maria Alifano, Erika Albo, Giuseppe Francesco Papalia, Mauro Ciuffreda, Chiara De Andreis, Chiara Fossati, Vincenzo Denaro


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    • Biochemical and biomechanical influence on peri anchor cyst formation in rotator cuff repair

      John Ranson, Lee Hoggett, Emma Mulgrew, Neil Jain


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    • Does the choice of the optic portal influence the radiographic and early functional results in acute acromioclavicular disjunctions?

      Matthieu Peras, Alexandre Caubere, Sarah Amar, Jean-Baptiste De Villeneuve Bargemon, Camille Choufani, Olivier Barbier


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    • The effect of single plate and double plate application on union and functional results in humeral diaphyseal nonunions

      Fatih Durgut, Ali Ozdemir, Musa Ergin, Ali Güleç, Mehmet Ali Acar


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    • Comparison of waterproof versus cotton cast liners on cast index in pediatric forearm fractures

      Michael Nolte, Timothy Luchetti, Daniel Bohl, Monica Kogan


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    • Combined radial wedge and shortening osteotomy versus scaphocapitate arthrodesis in advanced Kienböck’s disease

      Seong-Hwan Woo, Sung-Min Kim, Yeong-Seub Ahn, Jeong-Hun Hyun, Hee-Yeon Kim, Myung-Sun Kim


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    • The clinical application of individualized three-dimensional printing guiding template for assisting scaphoid fracture fixation through dorsal approach

      Feng Lin, Shaofei Li, Kaiqiang Sun, Lihao Jiang, Jiangang Shi


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    • Reconstruction of flexor pollicis longus tendon with palmaris longus interposition graft: results in 14 patients

      Tine Peters, Pieter Caekebeke, Joris Duerinckx


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    • Ulnar lateral digital flap for Dupuytren’s disease of the fifth finger, a technique not be forgotten

      Canelle Bakota Morrison, Antonia Gkotsi, Jorg Bahm, Frédéric A. Schuind, Wissam El Kazzi


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    • Financial implications of the renewed reimbursement system of total hip arthroplasty in Belgium

      Noëmi Rabbachin, Siddhartha Lieten, Vincent De Smet, Karen Pien, Thierry Scheerlinck


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    • Modular uncemented revision total hip arthroplasty in young versus elderly patients: a good alternative?

      Henrik Constantin Bäcker, Chia H. Wu, Hadis Darvishi Nakhl Ebrahimi, Daniel Karczewski, Carsten Perka, Moritz Caspar Deml, Dominik Adl-Amini


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    • A prospective study of 93 unicompartmental knee prosthesis emphasises the appearance of radiolucencies under the tibial component

      Peter Reynders-Frederix, Cristina Reynders-Frederix, Dragos Schiopu, Tamàs Illés


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    • How does kinesiophobia affect short- and long-term gait parameters in individuals with total knee arthroplasty surgery?

      Gulnihal Deniz, Furkan Bilek, Omer Esmez, Arif Gulkesen


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    • Which design tolerates rotational mismatch better in unicompartmental knee arthroplasty: fixed or mobile bearing?

      Fahri Emre, Erden Kiliç, Özgür Kaya, Özgür Selim Uysal, Nurdan Çay, Ömer Erşen, Murat Bozkurt


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    • An evaluation of intra and inter observer reliability of the five used classification systems of tibial plateau fractures

      Alper Koksal, Kadir Abul, Deniz Karg?n, Osman Cimen, Muhammed Mert, Abdi Keskin


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    • Evaluation of the effect of intra-articular platelet-rich plasma and hyaluronic acid injections on femoral cartilage thickness in chronic knee osteoarthritis

      Okan Küçükakkaş, Teoman Aydin, Ozan Volkan Yurdakul


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    • Early internal fixation of open ankle malleolar fractures is not associated with increased complications: case control study

      Amr Abdelgawad, Ahmed Elabd, John J. Pisquiy, Ahmed M. Thabet


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    • Results of a shuttle catheter technique for surgical repair of acute extensor hallucis longus tears

      Osama Samir Gaarour, Amr Elshahhat


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