Issue 1

Volume 59, March 1993

  • article

    • [Acute osteomyelitis of the patella]

      A Moyikoua, J C Bouity-Buang, Ngatse-Oko, and B Pena-Pitra.


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    • A case of stenosing peroneal tendovaginitis.

      N Wuelker, and C J Wirth.


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    • [Sacrococcygeal teratoma in adults]

      S A el Banna, O Delahaut, and J Hustin.


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    • En-bloc resection of the distal fibula for aneurysmal bone cyst.

      J Caso Martínez, J Gonzalez Acha, J I Gonzalez Galarraga, and J M Sarobe Andueza.


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    • [Villonodular synovitis of the large joints]

      M Dkhissi, R Aboutaieb, M Hermas, and B Zryouil.


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    • Secondary chondrosarcoma. Four cases and review of the literature.

      E C Merchan, S Sanchez-Herrera, and J M Gonzalez.


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    • [Effect of a valgization osteotomy with external wedge removal on patellar height and femoro-patellar arthritis]

      B Dohin, H Migaud, F Gougeon, and A Duquennoy.


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    • Osteogenic sarcoma in children. A retrospective study of 58 cases.

      M Meskens, A Burssens, M Hoogmartens, and G Fabry.


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    • [Review of 19 cases of dislocation and fracture-dislocation of the cervical spine treated with anterior screw plates without intersomatic graft]

      P M Loembe.


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    • Split skin grafting of defects from fasciotomy after compartment syndrome.

      P N Basse, M Lohmann, B F Alsbjørn, and K Hovgaard.


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    • [Hospital management and short-term outcome of the severely injured: Lausanne experience]

      P Zangger, F Chevalley, and O Moeschler.


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    • Results of excision of calcaneal prominence.

      A Biyani, and D A Jones.


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    • The Geomedic knee prosthesis. A long-term follow-up study.

      C J van Loon, H P Hu, J R Van Horn, and M C De Waal Malefijt.


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    • [Osteosynthesis of fractures of the trochanteric region using the gamma nail, apropos of 76 reviewed cases]

      A Arnaout, B Beya, J Delplace, D Vial, and P Lecestre.


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    • [Treatment of trochanteric fractures of the femur using the gamma nail (apropos of a series of 92 cases)]

      J P Forthomme, V Costenoble, P Soete, and J Docquier.


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    • Fractures of the odontoid process. Conservative and operative treatment. Prognostic factors.

      E van Holsbeeck, D Stoffelen, and G Fabry.


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    • Isolated posterior dislocation of the radial head without fracture of the ulna in a child.

      E Wouters, Y Fortems, E Mulier, J Stuyck, and G Fabry.


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    • Fracture-dislocation of the hamatometacarpal joint. A case report.

      L De Smet.


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    • Extensive vertebral hydatidosis. A study.

      S Karray, M Zlitni, M Karray, M Douik, N Sliman, and T Litaiem.


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    • The clinical use of pedobarography.

      J Hughes.


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    • [Severe and chronic lateral sprains of the wrist with axial deviation, and their treatment]

      J N Kuhlmann, A Boabighi, I Fahed, and S Baux.


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