Issue 1

Volume 60, March 1994

  • article

    • Massive rotator cuff tears treated by a deltoid muscular inlay flap.

      C Dierickx, and H Vanhoof.


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    • The use of skull bone in maxillofacial reconstruction and its potential use in orthopedic surgery.

      B L Van Butsele, M Y Mommaerts, L F Neyt, C A De Clercq, J V Abeloos, D R Withofs, and W I Jacobs.


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    • [Cartilaginous, meniscal and ligamentous lesions in the prognosis of tibial plateau fractures]

      M Kohut, and P F Leyvraz.


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    • Sodium fluoride sustained-release bone cement: an experimental study in vitro and in vivo.

      B Magnan, C Gabbi, and D Regis.


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    • [Traumatic atlanto-axial dislocation in children: 7 cases]

      F Dubrana, B Fenoll, C Dartoy, H Person, D Le Nen, and B Courtois.


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    • [Free flap of the rectus abdominis muscle in covering of tissue defects of the lower limb]

      B C Coessens, and J P Van Geertruyden.


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    • Incidence of intraoperative femoral fracture. Straight-stemmed versus anatomic cementless total hip arthroplasty.

      A Toni, D Ciaroni, A Sudanese, F Femino, M D Marraro, A L Bueno Lozano, and A Giunti.


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    • [10-year radiologic results of a cemented stem in close contact with the bone]

      P Vives, P Mertl, O Jarde, and F Marie.


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    • Treatment of unstable fractures, dislocations and fracture-dislocations of the cervical spine with Senegas plate fixation.

      J Moerman, A Harth, I Van Trimpont, D Uyttendaele, R Verdonk, H Claessens, and S Verbeke.


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    • [Revision of arthrodesis of the knee using total prosthesis. Case report]

      J Legaye, R Emery, and W Lokietek.


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    • The application of modern imaging methods in orthopedic surgery.

      W H Castro, J Jerosch, M Schilgen, and W Winkelmann.


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    • Scaphoid exostosis causing rupture of the flexor pollicis longus.

      K J O'Dwyer, and C D Jefferiss.


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    • Loosening of a noncemented porous-coated anatomic femoral component in Gaucher's disease. A case report and review of literature.

      P A van Wellen, P Haentjens, N Frecourt, and P Opdecam.


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    • [Pathologic fracture of the lateral condyle due to compartmental algodystrophy of the knee. A case report]

      X Banse, A Kryksztein, and J Thiery.


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    • An arthroplastic salvage procedure for combined radiocarpal and distal radioulnar pathology.

      L De Smet, B Zachee, and G Fabry.


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    • [The Sixtine metatarsophalangeal prosthesis at first glance. Preliminary results in 74 cases]

      O Jarde, J L Trinquier, J F Filloux, F Tran Van, and P Vives.


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    • Fast-growing pseudomalignant myositis ossificans of the hand: further experience and review of the literature.

      L De Smet, G Maes, and G Fabry.


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    • [Reconstruction of the medial collateral ligament of the knee in rats using a free autogeneic transplant of fascia lata, ligament or tendon]

      J N Kuhlmann, J Luboinski, M Mimoun, L Orcel, and S Baux.


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    • Ulnar variance: facts and fiction review article.

      L De Smet.


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