Long-term results of radial shortening for Kienböck's disease.

Published online: Sep 30 1995

L De Smet, K Verellen, K D'Hoore, C Buellens, R Lysens, and G Fabry.

Department of Orthopedic Surgery, K.U. Leuven, U.Z. Pellenberg, Belgium.


The long-term evaluation (mean 4.5 years) of radial shortening in 17 patients with Kienböck's disease demonstrated an improvement in pain, but no patients are painfree, and mobility and force are restricted respectively to 69.5% and 72% of the contralateral side. Radiographically, further evolution of the lunatomalacia could not be prevented. The possibility of creating distal radioulnar joint dysfunction and/or ulnar impaction requires in our view a reconsideration of these leveling techniques in the treatment of Kienböck's disease.