Issue 3

Volume 61, September 1995

  • article

    • Bilateral posterior four-part fracture-dislocation of the shoulder.

      C Martens, and G Hessels.


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    • Ulnar nerve compression in Guyon's canal caused by a pseudotumor of the pisiform.

      S A Antuña, C F Gutierrez, and J Paz Jimenez.


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    • Secondary forearm deformity due to injury to the distal ulnar physis.

      F Collado-Torres, P Zamora-Navas, and F de la Torre-Solis.


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    • [Bipolar dislocation of the first metatarsal bone]

      J L Trinquier, J F Filloux, H Paul, O Jarde, and P Vives.


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    • Late presentation of bilateral habitual dislocation of the patella on flexion.

      R A Marston, and G Bentley.


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    • Factors influencing neurological recovery in burst thoracolumbar fractures.

      G K Dendrinos, J G Halikias, P N Krallis, and A Asimakopoulos.


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    • In vitro opto-electronic analysis of 3-D segmental vertebral movements during gradual rib lengthening in the pig.

      B Sevastik, B Xiong, A Lundberg, and J A Sevastik.


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    • Prevention of heterotopic ossification with tenoxicam following total hip arthroplasty: a double-blind, placebo-controlled dose-finding study.

      A Burssens, J Thiery, P Kohl, A Molderez, and L Haazen.


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    • Aneurysmal bone cyst. Long-term results and functional evaluation.

      C J van Loon, R P Veth, M Pruszczynski, J A Lemmens, and J R van Horn.


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    • Influence of the running shoe sole on the pressure in the anterior tibial compartment.

      J Jerosch, W H Castro, H Halm, and H Bork.


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    • [Carpal tunnel syndrome in patients on hemodialysis (apropos of 17 cases)]

      P M Jugnet, C Maynou, P Forgeois, H Mestdagh, and J F Hurtevent.


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    • Value of clinical provocative tests in carpal tunnel syndrome.

      L De Smet, A Steenwerckx, G Van den Bogaert, P Cnudde, and G Fabry.


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    • Electrical stimulation of bone nonunion with the presence of a gap.

      P Zamora-Navas, A Borras Verdera, R Antelo Lorenzo, J R Saras Ayuso, and M C Peña Reina.


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    • [Patellar subluxation: where are we in 1995?]

      J Y Dupont.


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    • Long-term results of radial shortening for Kienböck's disease.

      L De Smet, K Verellen, K D'Hoore, C Buellens, R Lysens, and G Fabry.


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